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Beware from Fake SEO Gigs

I can guarantee you that all the gigs that claims on first page of Google are clear scams. I have tried several gigs and no results at all!

If you are getting some results this is due to your previous seo or quality of your articles…etc. Don’t think these sellers can bring you any good result! All of these scam artists use bots to generate bulk links. Don’t be fool to believe that they will build hundreds of manual links for 5$ or even for 50$. All are bot generated links!

Since they claim the results come at least after 1-2 months, According to Fiverr rules you are not able to claim a refund either! or at least Fiverr will not allow you to post a negative review after 30 days!

If you search the gigs for the term ‘seo’ you can find these gigs among top results!

Why don’t you let me take you around the world in 60 days?

Are you also scammer?

Here is another victim of these fake seo gigs :-

Certainly not.

You need to relax. You’re like a tight bundle of nerves. You haven’t even mention how handsome my colours look.

Here is what I always wonder about whenever I see people complaining about SEO gigs.

Don’t you think Google is aware of this method already and has traps in place to catch this kind of activity and ban sites that try to use them? Google isn’t stupid.

Its obvious the op has been burned several times and has reached his boiling point(slight pun intended).

If you go for thousand of backlinks,I am sure that will be bot generated links.For this backlinks have chance to get penalty.So don’t go for buying thousand of backlinks.

This has been mentioned by myself and others over the past few years. There is a lot of fake gigs on this platform, buyer beware. The bottom line is, if it’s too good to be true, then it’s you know it’s fake.

Honestly, i can’t get over how buyers line up for seo gigs thinking they will make a pile of $$ when in reality the result is nothing. Don’t waste your $$ on these gigs.

So, where do you find real services to increase your business? The best way is to learn to do it yourself, then you know the result is real. There’s a lot of videos on youtube that can show you how to do it yourself. But, like any other website, find out if the video is reputable or not.

Nobody, and I mean nobody will tell you all the secrets. You need to learn to do it yourself.

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All that glitters is not gold, dude.

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Some of these fake SEO gigs could be used as reverse engineering SEO gigs to actually remove a site from Google.

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That’s exactly what I think. There’s no way to bring any website at the top of search results within no time. All those gigs claiming such things are really just clowning around to make some extra dollars. They use automated systems to create hundreds of backlinks but all those links are worthless and actually harmful for buyer’s site.

I’m also a SEO and I always use MANUAL method and never claim anything out of my control.

Yeah exactly. They use wrong SEO tactics, automated methods to create hundreds of useless backlinks. As a result, google penalty those site.

My theory is sites do not get penalized for thousands of useless backlinks they just ignored.

You have try every where. Can you please try me. I will wait for your message.

Thats correct. Google just ignores “trash / crap” links / backlinks. If this wouldn’t be so it would be to easy to kick an competitor out of the ranking, even if he offers high quality content :wink:

The so called “bad SEO” is an urban legend :slight_smile: Trash links are just useless, nothing else.

umm. negative seo is not an urban legend. Why do you think Google Webmaster tools has the option to disavow links and upload disavow lists. It’s not there for the fun of it and I deal every day with sites that have been hit with negative seo and people go to extreme lengths against competitors to make sure it works and unfortunately it does. Sites then end up with a unnatural inbound links penalty and manual penalties and traffic drops off a cliff

Actually there is a different reason why that tool is available but I wont get into that here. Just remember Google is backed by humans and not machines so they have the ability to learn and evolve.

Forget about it, the OP is probably too angry and scared to give another Fiverr seller a try.

No there is not a different reason. It’s there is disavow low quality and spammy links.That is what Google have stated and it is there in black and white if you search for it on their support site and this video states this clearly.

Please don’t post things like this when Google and their representatives have stated numerous times on youtube, on Google hangouts and at conferences.

Wow looks like I was horribly mistaken. Oh guru of SEO greatness I am sorry if I offended you and your knowledge of SEO :frowning: and thank you for pointing out my error. :wink: