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Today i saw one of the Fiverr’s post. I was stranded with the same situation 2 months ago.
Someone sent me the word document file & it says the file is protected, i clicked disable protection and the game started. After one day, i saw some unusual activity account on upwork & i got panic that what happened, at the end of the day i ignored.
Atlast Spammer contacted me via email, saying that he has access to 100% of my data. He told the exact figure of my fiverr & upwork amount & password too, at extreme of evilness he told me wherever i’m sitting (accessed my webcam).
I was so much worried, then i asked him to come on skype and demand something. He was a ******said i do care for my Muslim buddies and needs my help in buying a fiverr gig. He wanted me, whereby i can buy him a fiverr gig cost 15$. But wait, thats not just 15$, rather he was asking me to purchase an Email gig, where a guy was providing 5000 LinkedIn Emails. I understood his future planning.
I knew fiverr & upwork were really not able to do anything therefore i tried to do everything myself.
I tried to make him friend, indulged him with different things and wasted time, in the mean time, I was in contact with Nigerian cyber security, and i am glad they responded me very well. I had Skype conversation / whatsapp conversation and Fiverr / Upwork conversation & activity. I gave them proof and they told me to threat that guy & he will be arrested very soon. i did the same, then he told me he will take me down, start threatening me, then he shown me that he had my internet passwords history from 5 years old chrome. with more than 3000 passwords. I was just :o …
I instantly delivered this message to cyber security. They told me, he’ll be arrested very soon and after two days, i was confirmed that he has been arrested.
Moral : Put your firm belief on Windows Malwares and specially the Antivirus. Hacker itself recommend me Norton, don’t know why.
Never ever open such files. Or keep an RDP to access those.
If you are facing some problems like i had, be calm and think the best way you can do. One mistake can ruin your hardworking.
I hope my story may help someone to get himself out of such condition.

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Another story that helped. Looks like you have born lot of problems in life. Wish you best of luck buddy.


Interesting story Indeed.


Very interesting story.


I just tried it could help someone.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Interesting story. Though what I don’t understand is, if he was able to install malicious software that gave him access to all your data, your PC (webcam etc.) - assuming he had complete access to your PC (and could install any malicious software he wanted), why did he need to ask you to buy gigs? If he could access all your details (and could potentially view/record all keystrokes) why would he need to ask (if he was a criminal hacker why didn’t he just go ahead and buy the gigs he wanted, likely using illegally obtained details)?

I instantly delivered this message to cyber security

What web address/site’s email did you report it to?

Never ever open such files. Or keep an RDP to access those.

Or I assume you can just not disable the protection if viewing in Word (ie. not enable scripts or whatever in Word when viewing files from the internet). Or use Open Office writer or similar program to view them (programs that don’t run any script type stuff). As well as using anti-virus/anti-malware programs.


Thank you so much for putting some interest in my story. Yea i know the software name too but i really don’t feel comfortable to share name of that software. That is basically a commercial software for agency use. He had complete access but never touched, can’t judge why he did. Might be due to interest in my friendship that i offered. Or might he was interested to make a tooo much big cut assuming my money as too small because he asked me to buy him a LinkedIn Email database.

Yes he was a criminal hacker never played well with my portfolio, i really din’t understand what would be the reason.
It might be like, my profile use to be online 24 hours a day under me and my team mates. And yes, he would have never ever been able to change my password because of my security questions. And definitely if he could have made a purchase, nobody will be allowing to complete the purchase.

The facebook page for nigerian security agency where i contacted them : ************

And for the rest, i strongly recommend Some antivirus like Norton or Kaspersky.

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@abdulwahhabjutt It was key logger probably basically one of the method to hack computers. The functionality of that program is auto install if you run any malicious files and then hidden in computer registery files and the working of that program or virus is " Recording key stores which you type every data or strokes you will type will be record by a key logger even your passwords anything you type then that program send those keystrokes to the hacker email address after attach to Internet access thats why then they can have access to different details login passwords and other things !

One of my friend payoneer hacked like this way so this what I know again that is just my little study, I don’t know deep knowledge about that but once I was hacked or you can say challenged by a female that belong to Ukraine and at that time yahoo chatrooms were very hots topic or interesting for time pass ! so she challenge withing 10 minute I will hack your account and will also tells you your password and I was like " han han kar k dekha lolx " and she did as she said ! she told my password ! BUT NOW so many revolutions happens so many company improves security.

Always conscious when somebody attach a file and always if you think that file is malicious then off your Internet then check it out.



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