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BEWARE: Gig Removed Account Blocked Money Gone

Hello Everyone .!!

Recently I had joined the Fiverr platform, everything was going great, I got couple of orders but suddenly I got mail from Fiverr that my Gig is being removed and my account is being blocked. All the customer base and the earning I had made has gone.
Without giving any warning they had removed my account and now again I am at 0 Impressions, 0 orders, 0 click.
I am really frustrated with Fiverr, Please help me out and give me some alternative.

In the meantime I have a created my new account and uploaded some gigs, It would be great if you could have a look and give some valuable suggestions.


Mod Note: Gig link removed.


What was your gig before and do you think you violated any parts of Fiverr’s TOS ?


Hi @theratypist
Thank You for reading my post. Yes they have mentioned in the mail that the gig was against there TOS but I was completely unware of that. Shouldn’t they send some sort of warning before deactivating my account at once.
All my earnings and customer base if gone. It takes time to build once again.

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You are not allowed to have two accounts. Your new account will be erased just because of that.

You need to read TOS before making gigs.

Your money is not gone, you will get it after 90 days.


You are supposed to read TOS, and agree that you will abide by TOS before doing anything further on Fiverr. Which makes me come back to my question – what was your gig?

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Hi @marinapomorac
Thanks for reading the post.
Since my previous account is blocked and you are telling my new accounts will also be blocked, so I cannot use fiverr now.
Is there any way through which I can protect my new account ?

In gig I was helping students in there computer science projects and assignments.

No wonder you didn’t get a warning - that is strongly against Fiverr’s TOS


No. Your legal career on Fiverr is over. Everything you do next can only be illegal and will last for a short period until the Fiverr system catches you.


Clear things up with Customer Support
Ask them what you can do in the mean time while your old account is being reviewed

He has nothing to clear up. It is over, finished. He offered student assignment work.

You can’t recover from that ban.

But they did not even send me a warning, how can they do that. I was completely unaware of fiverr TOS. There should be some sort of warning.
Do you know any ways by which I can protect my new account, how do they will track my new account ?

Ha, you may have a point! I was hoping to sprinkle some sliver of hope to his case. Lesson learned, give a chance or something. haha

When people rob a bank do they stop them and give them a warning?

When you signed up you accepted that you read to. When you make a gig in that category there is a window on the side telling you not to offer academic work.

You ignored all and made a gig that violates the rules completely.

Those violations do not get a warning but a permanent ban.

Please don’t. In Fiverr terms he robbed a bank, that is not a “get off with a warning” situation.


Now I know about that TOS, for sure I will not do that from now.
But guys do you know any way by which I can protect my new account. I really wanna continue on Fiverr, I have order Niche to offer.

@theratypist @marinapomorac Please help me out

ask forgiveness from the fiverr gods! haha


Your career on Fiverr is over. 100% over.

All you can do is illegal activities.

Legally you are over on Fiverr and you can not use it ever again as a seller.


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Ha, Marina always appreciate your frankness on the forum. A lot of these sellers need that kind of attitude. As my personality leans on the don’t push it directly side, we balance each other out!

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@marinapomorac I know I have done a crime when comes to Fiverr terms and conditions.
But there might be a way so that my further account does not get blocked

@theratypist I have written the forgiveness mail, hopefully they will listen and at least they won’t block my new account.
I am hoping for the best from my side.

If we are being technical here, you already made the second account so that’s another violation in itself.
But ah - we will see. Update how it goes here. Hahha