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Beware Inbox Requests For VO Samples!

Hi Fiverr’ss

If you wondering why (like me) your getting a high number of requests for Voice Over samples. Beware! Because there is a lot of reselling going on. If the potential client is asking for work examples without specifics and are brand new sellers Don’t Do it. I have caught two sellers using my samples to sell as their own work or list on their new VO website’s without consent. Even had a pro seller request this very thing. There are a lot of shady lazy people out there. If you must give them something give a demo reel with your name or seller ID plastered all over it.


I’ve noticed a sharp uptick in reselling. I’m even considering doing it myself. If you look at the people who are, they are making a killing and getting great exposure on Fiverr. The only question is, can this be sustained? You have $5 logo designers, cheap VO people, cheap web designers, and cheap writers, whose work is all really selling at a $50+ minimum premium.

When will buyers realize what is going on? What happens when work produced by people copying and pasting logos and articles starts getting used by top dollar buyers, who stand to lose a lot more reputation wise when they are called out for copyright fraud?

And at what point does reselling stop? If I buy from you and you outsource to someone too, does it get to a point where no one knows who anyone is working for anymore?

The Pro thing really bugs me as I’ve been approached by a couple too. One of them isn’t a Pro any longer, though. In this case, at least we know that they do get exiled from their Ivory Towers occasionally.


Yep. Fiverr just needs to outlaw it. It seems if you catch them red handed they don’t care. They are stripped of their seller badges and carry on. So many double standards. This guy I caught just keeps creating new stolen gig work.

I am so sorry to hear that such deceitfulness takes place. I am sorry that your hard work was used without your permission. The least that the others could have done was give you credit for the work instead of trying to steal it.

I agree give them a demo with your information on it.

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Here’s an idea, instead of creating new samples, just share two or three mp3’s you’ve done for other clients. They can’t resell that.


The problem is they are using any sample you give em to create a gig using your voice as there work. The more creative ones rip your live portfolio. That’s why they want the sample.

That’s why if you ever do send a sample, it should just be “Hi, This is Steve Maxell on Fiverr, and this is a sample of Steve Maxell’s voice for your consideration.”

If they want custom, they pay for it.
I’ve been working with resellers on this site since I joined in 2013. If they pay your rates, it’s good work. If they can market me better than me, good for them, more work for me. If they’re pretending to be me, well that’s a whole other matter.

For me, resellers are No problemo, as long as they pay.


Most VOs are resells from the video maker to his client … This is not what I’m talking about.
I’m talking about low life’s who simply pretend to be you and start a gig using your samples. Or post your work on their web site without permission. All this does is create bizzare situations between the shmuck reseller and the seller. No real relationship ever happens, just a bunch of fake correspondence as you do revisions .It’s sure a delight when the customer finds his way back to you because the reseller was sloppy. THIS is why it’s always a good idea to put your Fiverr ID in the file name :laughing:. If something goes wrong these fake resellers throw their client to the curb.


How can they do that? Let’s say I write a 60 second radio commercial, 100% original, how can they use snippets of your voice to record it?

Even the robots that read a script for you, sound really fake and really bad. My kindle for example has a feature that can read the book for me, and it doesn’t sound good. It’s better to pay for the Audible version than having the robot read the book. Robots don’t know how to capture human emotion.


I can’t imagine being a reseller because then you become a middleman when unhappy buyers want revisions. That sounds impossibly stressful.

It seems that if the reseller can charge more, maybe you could raise your prices to the point they can’t make a profit? I don’t know, just throwing that out there.


I’m sure he’s saying that when he gives them a sample voice over file they then use that as their sample/to show in their live portfolio as though it is theirs (or use the ripped live portfolio for the same thing). He’s not talking about anything more complex.

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They are simply buying the VO from me under another name pretending to be whom ever.

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Let Me Explain how this works…

  1. Reseller starts a gig and uses a sample or portfolio ripped sample from another seller.
  2. Client goes and buys gig from Re-seller
  3. Re-seller buys a gig from me to make his clients order under a different buyer profile.
  4. Re-seller sells my works as if they did it. Lying to both the seller and client. (At a premium no less)

This is why I scour my competition once a week now.


I’m using Audition to generate low tones now also with my samples. Another effective tool to prevent this, tones every 8 seconds just loud enough not to be obtrusive to the VO

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I see what you mean, they have no right to steal your voice and use it as a portfolio sample.

In my world it’s different. Let’s say John sells X for $100, so he gets an order, then hires someone that does it for $20. That makes him a profit of $80.

This doesn’t bother me, it’s just outsourcing, but I can understand why it bothers you.

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To me it’s like Plankton selling Krabby Patties right under the nose of Mr Krabs
" Diaboical Sponge Bob!!"

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The t-shirt business is a lot worst. Say you hire someone for an original design, and you sell 500 t-shirts. Others who see the design might steal it, and suddenly you have 100 people selling the exact same shirt.

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I don’t think reselling is not allowed, I mean as long as you get paid what you are owed. For samples you can add many audio marks to tell where the audio came from.

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It is also quite a smart business strategy. New sellers, after all, benefit from increased search exposure and lovely things like rising talent badges. All they have to do to maintain their positions is start selling a high-quality product and keep their sales volume up. Outsourcing is an easy way to do this, especially when you can outsource to sellers who have already established a decent degree of social proof. (Lower risk and all.)

Someone resells my articles for $65 a pop via their own Fiverr gig. It is infuriating how they appear higher in the search but… Well, this seems to be the Fiverr growth hack of the moment. In this case, there is not really anything we can do. - Aside from maybe close our own accounts and do the same… :thinking:

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