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Beware! N.Y Attorney General Going After Websites with FAKE Video Testimonials


On Tuesday September 24th, on CNN and other major news organizations discussed the decision that the N.Y Attorney General will start start going after websites with FAKE written and videos testimonials. When I heard this I laughed because of all the buyers who have purchased literally thousands of fake videos on fiverr. The internet is now related to your reputation, a good way to ruin your reputation is to use fake written and video testimonials. I know a lot of people are saying they won’t catch me. Wrong, guaranteed that they already have or will have a robot crawler to sniff websites to find fake content and videos, just like google does for content.

Although, I even provided video testimonials during the first six months when I joined fiverr two years ago but I immediately stopped knowing that it could affect my reputation online and with my international clients not on fiverr. I’m sure the sellers providing the testimonials are laughing because buyers in the same business are purchasing over and over. So, image a person who wants to buy from your website sees the same video testimonial on a competing website, say good bye to your reputation and your income.

If you want to do the marketing in the proper manner, it’s best to use a news report or a spokesperson for your website. Integrate positive feedback within the news report with what your customer say. This is the way to do it. If you want to be safe and not be called a fraud, we can help you with your news report or professional video spokesperson. We are not amateurs, we’ve been in business for 26 years and are here on fiverr to give back to small business. All our work is professional without compromise. Be safe, not sorry! Check out our site or at We are

here to help!

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