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BEWARE of attachments!


Not sure if this was discussed before but wanted you all to know and be aware of files you get. I received a message asking about a project and for me to review the attachment which was a rar file. The rar apparently has an exe file attached to it. I didn’t open the exe know and forward the message to Support. They promptly remove this buyer.

So be careful of any attachments that are rar or zip files (I am not sure if there are others). Exe files may damage your computer, among other things. Just an FYI.



I noticed you mentioned zip files. What is the best way to send large files that are bigger than what fiverr allows? Thanks DM


Thank you for sharing this information it’s very important to follow and when you see .exe or there is a zip or rar or any other archive just at first check them with antivirus and after that open the file

thank you bbetrio3 for useful information




I’ve asked Fiverr if they can implement a virus/malware scan for attachments that come through the system. That would a great safeguard for us sellers.


Reply to @bbetrio3: I would totally agree with your idea. It is important to protect both buyers and sellers PC from virus/malware, regarding the scammers are starting to raid Fiverr recently.