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Beware of 'Budget' Buyers!

Hey Fiverrs,

Recently I got a response to an offer from a buyer request and I thought this would be like just like any other Fiverr experience and proceeded to communicate with the buyer. Alas, I was wrong!

This buyer said he was on a budget and he wanted for a good price. So I feeling sorry for him, gave my best price. But this person continued to haggle until he got the lowest price. I should have known there itself that this isn’t going to be a pleasant experience. This buyer was rude, didn’t speak decent English and on top of that did not care about our value at all. I agreed to do three videos for no profit at all because i had to outsource the audio. I paid and received all the audios upfront thinking that this order would go smoothly. But when i delivered my first video he said he didn’t like it and wanted to make more changes that was not even in the order instructions initially. This buyer was acting so cheap that he was not even willing to pay for a revision. So he decided to cancel the other orders not thinking about how much money I’m going to lose because of his miscommunication. I had to cancel the other order and even though I was losing money on the audios I ordered, I was glad to get rid of such a cheap client. On top of that he did not even give a full rating even though I gave him a very generous offer and wasted 24 hours of my time.

I want other sellers to look out for such buyers. Before starting to work on the order please make sure you perfectly understand what kind of a client you are dealing with. Also make sure to state all your disclaimers at the beginning and make sure they understand, because most of them don’t! All ‘Budget’ buyers expect to spend less and get the maximum out of us without caring about our value. So please think twice before starting to work on all orders. It’s better to let go of some clients because you can spend your time on better clients instead.


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Cheap buyers can turn out to be terrible sometimes. Never any problems with buyers who don’t mind paying more.

I looked up your profile photo on Google and you look like someone named Cathy Sharon and she is not from Sri Lanka. Oh wait, you actually use her photo.

I ran into a few people on Buyer’s Requests asking if they can ask 15 questions for $5. I can’t spend 3 hours to make $5…

Mental Mickies who ask me to make 10 hr DJ mixes with unlimited revisions for only $5, they give me some fabricated sob story that they’re long lost aunt has cancer and need to save all the $ for her funeral expenses, these are the budget bunnies I can’t stand! :stuck_out_tongue:

@misscrystal completely agreed. The buyer who do not mind paying more, understand the value of offered services. I always found them very accommodating, humble and generous. On the contrary, Low paying buyers (mostly re sellers) sometimes contact me asking about the offer price. On the top of it, they come with a list of tasks to check. I just politely inform them about my prices again and the services that I do not offer. They keep coming on every time and offering 1/5th of my offer price. I let them go. I just laugh it off. Sometimes, I offer them to do a sample for 10 dollars and quite surprisingly they always agree to my offer price afterwards.

This should be a lesson to everyone who works on Fiverr: Don’t ever sell your services for less than they’re worth, and always be on the lookout for red flags that could potentially spot a problem buyer. It’ll save you a lot of headache in the long run.