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Beware of buyer scammers on fiverr


This is strictly for sellers, especially cryptocurrency or ICO sellers:

Currently trending now are buyers pretending they need btc and wants you to help them buy while they pay you off fiverr using payoneer.

This is a scam because they aren’t going to pay you after sending the btc, they will use fake payoneer alert to deceive you…Be warned ahead, especially the ICO sellers.

Here are usernames of scam buyers known for now


Also, take note it’s against fiverr’s terms and condition to deal outside fiverr to avoid losing your account.


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Calling usernames on the forum is against the rules and regulations. Please edit your post and remove the usernames from your post.


There’s no need to mention that this is scam. Offering to pay outside of Fiverr (or accepting such payment) is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and leads to an account ban (I do hope that you haven’t accepted payment outside of Fiverr).

So, in this case, sellers should simply report the buyer for violating Fiverr’s ToS, and for trying to get them to do the same.

Besides, why wouldn’t those buyers buy btc themselves? Isn’t that instantly suspicious?


This is just to emphasize the important points in this thread that were already provided by @catwriter. The thread will be closed since no other discussion is needed. Don’t break the rules and you won’t be scammed in this way.