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Beware of "Buyers" that dont read instructions, then cancel


I run a game creation gig, and I make simple games for $5. I specifically state that five dollars is for ONE LEVEL, but people are constantly paying only $5 and asking for 10 levels or more. I have gig extras for that kind of stuff, but they just order and say they expect 10 levels. I already made gig extras for people who want multiple levels.

Being the nice guy I am, I’ll make it anyways, since my gig is more for experience than for the money. (Is there any way to reject an order, like if they completely ignore the gig instructions?) But recently, some buyers are making me really frustrated. My last buyer paid $5 for a one level gig, but said that he expected 10 levels. It was a simple enough concept, so I took it on. After spending an hour or two on the gig, he responds saying the wanted in made in FLASH, not in C++. Now, I had included in the gig instructions that I could make it in flash if the buyer wanted, but they had to say that in the order. I was feeling good that day, though, so I used my converter and remade the game in flash.

The next part is what made me really frustrated. After spending all that time working on a gig that didnt even use extras, he responded saying “i wanted the source code.” The gig had said NOTHING about the source code being given away. When I told him that he would not recieve the source code, he responded with swear words and threatened to leave a negative review. H then canceled the order.

What would you do in a situation like this?



People do seem to expect a lot for $5, although don’t see it a worth while exercise to read the gig description… very confusing… but thankfully we have the mutual cancellation option…

All the best,



Edit your gig description. Describe in detail what you will and will not do/provide. Politely ask them to add the extras to their order. If they refused, just do a mutual cancellation. If they gave you a hard time/threatened you, report to Customer Service