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Beware Of Buyers Who Are A Wolf Under Sheepskin

I am sharing an incident which just happened to me (10 minutes ago) and hope that it can help you if you happen to encounter these “fakes”.

  • person x contacted me telling me he is interested in ordering 100 of the gig.
  • I rejected him and told him to get 1 instead. <- I wanted to test if we are a match and can work together before taking any big projects.
  • He became uncertain and started to beat around the bush avoiding the topic of purchasing. (bare in mind, this is the same guy who wanted to order 100 gigs)
  • I rejected him and told him to find someone else.
  • That is when his true colours surface: he quickly asked me how do he get started.
  • I asked him is he new and gave him the instructions.
  • which he totally ignored and stated he will feind me. (not a typo)
  • posted his number and wanted me to give him a ring.
  • I flagged him and reported him to support.
I don't know what will happen if I did call him, probably a scammer trying to scam me? I believe some desperate sellers would have called him.

Some Indicators That Something Is Fishy And We Should Be Alert

  • The account is new.
  • The guy is from the states but has a terrible command of the language. Signs include: ":))))i am bad raiter:))))", "I nead you're service" "123123123123 can I tolk with you?" and many more!
  • He comes with a big offer and will never purchase from you; his aim is just to call any desperate sellers who fall for the hook that he placed.

What Should You Do When You Encounter Them
Step 1: don’t be greedy, if you got hooked and did phone them. God knows what will happen.
Step 2: Take screenshots before you click on the report button.
Step 3: Report him, delete his message away and continue with whatever you are doing.
Step 4: Don’t even complain about him wasting your time, things could be worst. Continue with whatever you are doing.

I hope no one gets scammed in Fiverr.

That’s all folks, Best Success to you all.

Such scammers should be reported…I agree with you…Do not ever share your phone number to any buyer…later on you may regret that…Be alert!!

Just report/block him in the inbox and report him to customer service, these fools are a dime a dozen on here unfortunately. :slight_smile:

Yup. Not just sellers. Buyers included. :slight_smile:

yes …both buyers as well as sellers…:slight_smile:

Well this is my first encounter. I am glad I am not the only one who experienced this. :smiley:

This neatly sidesteps the psychopath. You’re talking garden variety moron and/or sociopath.

psychopaths are fun.

Thank you for this useful and informative post. I am a brand new seller and can see how easy it might be to get sucked in to get my first sale. Thank you so much for the advice.

I can see why :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just lately there have been many such weirdos contacting me. It is best to cut them off immediately and curtly such as “I can’t help you, sorry” because the more you engage with them the more they think they can get away with.

thanks for your advice, misscrystal. I need to make an order from you soon. After my diving trip next week, I will contact you :slight_smile:

Yes,thank you so much for posting this.It’s very helpful to us…

I think they are everywhere on here. Some even behave well. They are pretty convincing and know what they are doing. They give the impression of a real, serious buyer. Only for them to start giving you attitude once you have delivered the order. The sad thing is, Fiverr is 99% on the side of the buyer.

So, IMO, their is really or nothing one can do about these shady buyers. Except in the of MOD where it is glaring the buyer is a fraudster.

I think it’s just best to calm down when taking orders. Don’t be too excited over the amount involved. and be thorough with all buyers’ requests. IF YOU ARE HAVING DOUBTS, DROP THE DEAL !!

yep, you did right


i assume that after this person’s account is banned, he’ll just open another account and do the same thing. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Thanks for the useful info! Prevention is prefer to cure… Let’s have this in mind. Thanks once again!

Both buyers and sellers who want to scam should be banned by fiverr

I agree! Drop the Deal! That 20% commission we pay Fiverr encompasses a lot of services they give in return, but being wise in business is something Seller’s need to provide for themselves.

There’s a lot of fraud for both buyers and sellers, yet nothing is being done about it.

For a long time I have not sold any of the services the oldest of this case that makes me felt bored because there is no effective and work and activity, So this kind of buyers i didn’t meet anyone yet