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Beware Of Buyers Who Are A Wolf Under Sheepskin


New sellers looking desperately for buyers must be aware of such unreal messages.


Thank you for sharing your experience. We should aware and let the authority know what is going on. Though I am disappointed with Fiverr’s customer care.Thanks once again.


how to find and reject bad buyers ?


I totally agree with you


You don’t find them… they find you. Now kn how to reject them, follow these steps

  1. Do not be greedy. They capitalise on that alot
  2. Evaluate the deal. Too good to be true or Inconsistency in the buyers needs.
  3. Do you have doubts about buyer’s sincerity? If yes, RUN !
  4. Never doubt your gut about a buyer. Many more will patronize you
  5. Do not be desperate

I hope these few points will help.



I met one who wanted so much of my time. He asked me to check a Facebook page, I did. He then asked me to navigate to a website, where I would seek the necessary information am to research, I followed his instruction. Later on, after I had placed so much hope on his offering, he said I wasn’t smart enough. Oh! I felt terrible.


Sounds like someone that messaged me this week on Fiverr.


Thank you so much for this information.


Thank you for your input.


well, at least he taught us a lesson to get the buyer to place an order and filling up the necessary details before doing anything.

Thank you for sharing your experience. :slight_smile:


thank you for sharing. Hopefully it will get to Fiverr attention that this is a common occurrence.


Yeah it stinks when it happens at first but after about the 50th one you get used to it, LOL :stuck_out_tongue:


Generally if it’s going to take up too much of my time or obviously seems too good too be true and the risk isn’t worth the reward I will flat out decline or cancel if they went mental and ordered like 100 gigs :slight_smile:


Yes, Such scammers needs to be reported. I faced one more similar kind of issue with a buyer. Consider him as some ‘X’ buyer and he ordered my gig and in the description of my gig which is no more active now i have clearly mentioned what would he get for 5$ and for any extra features he needs to order extra gigs, but then this buyer just placed an order for 5$ and forced me to provide him the extra gig which is worth 20$.

So, I politely denied stating this must be a misunderstanding and I cant provide you service worth 20$ but will provide with what I promised you for 5$ or we can go ahead and mutually cancel the order. He then started getting angry and kept on threatening me saying if you don’t deliver my order I would give you bad rating.

Then I reported the issue to fiverr and cancelled the order, but then the user kept on ordering it again and again, but this time he somehow found my facebook and other social network details and warned me to deliver the order for 5$.

He also threatened me saying that I will report to Fiverr saying that you have contacted me outside Fiverr and will remove your account as a seller(Even though I never contacted him). He also started saying to me I have been on Fiverr for almost 5 years and I know how things work here and how I can manipulate them in favour to him as a buyer.

I raised a concern on fiverr and asked them to take necessary action. I dont think any action was taken by them as they were requesting me to provide the proof by reporting the message which he sent, but the problem is we cant report anything that is posted on the order page. So, i took the screenshots of his messages and shared with the Fiverr team for necessary action.

So, guys be careful with such people. Peace !!


Buyer requests help buyers to tell what they need and sellers bid for the request with either their gig or create a custom gig for the request.

The buyer selects a seller who seems to be fit for their job.


Yes there has been a fair amount of gorilla marketing tactics like this to either steal your time, money, or information this is why I take the more organic approach when I make my sales.


have seen quite a few of them lately but not to this extent, thanks for sharing with us mate


Many of them tried to contact me. I simply clicked on spam button and that’s it.

So stay away from these scammers always click on spam button when you find any scammer like this.

Have a great time on fiverr

Thank you,


Thanks for the info