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Beware of buyers who will just waste your time with too much talking

Hello Friends,
Beware of those buyers who will just come with too many discussions. Some will waste about 30-45 minutes chatting and pretending they are serious but the moment you send them an offer, they say goodbye, they disappear. Now, the question is how can you avoid this kind of buyers?

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It is the same with offline businesses as well. Those who enquire the most, seldom buy. There is no specific way to avoid them.

I have a consultation gig, I created it in order to deter that from happening.
Since then nobody has done anything like that, I don’t know if it’s coincidence or if people just don’t want to pay to ask questions. :woman_shrugging:
That’s helped me.


Offline may be different because you waste no money for browsing or chatting.

Yes, but you waste money travelling. My family has been running a real estate business for decades, and they always complain that the ones who waste their time the most are the ones who never buy.

That goes with an appointment. But this, you may even run down your battery or miss a good buyer, just as it happened to me a few days ago.

Set yourself a 3 message limit. I’m hopeless at this but basically, after 2-3 messages just say, ‘sorry I’m actually very busy at the moment.’


I’ve had a different experience with “talkers”. I see it as an opportunity to sell my services. In most cases the more I can explain my service the more they realise that they need it :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said, I do have a consulting gig in case it’s not going anywhere and I need to stop the conversation or get paid for it.


At a certain point I say: “I’m sure you will find a seller who will fit your needs and budget”.
Not offensive and says enough, I guess.

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I send the offer after one or two questions. If they keep asking after that they are not going to buy usually.