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Beware of Direct Order Without Discussing First

In my last order, a buyer ordered me without discussing anything with me. Moreover, she started the timer without providing me the hosting access where I stated that hosting is must necessary, I waited 3 days, after 3 days she provides me the hosting. I worked. She needs graphics design, landing page modifications, hosting setup all under $15. In graphics design I wanted all png format images from her, she failed to provide me that. I willingly convert all the jpg images to png. She also failed to provide me the main bg high-resolution images. I willingly provide her background images.

Every request/revision modifications are fulfilled properly for my buyer. Successfully deliver the order without any problems. After 1 day she gives me 1.3 ratings by stating that the graphics were horrible. But she failed to provide me what I needed to complete the whole project. Rated me 1.3 No problems with that. But I accidentally gave her a 5-star rating, I need to change the rating stars. To me, she is abusing the direct order and rating system features.

Can I do that? I am not contacting with the buyer for review change as it is against fiver tos.

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You need to remove the name of the buyer’s country from you post above as that is not allowed on the forum.

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i removed it already

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See the first line of your post.

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i changed it also, can i change my rating. Can you help me on this regard.


You can’t change the rating.

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If buyer can change the rating or review so there should be options for seller also right? I think its time for fiverr to think on that regard.

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If the buyer did not provided all the things necessary for the order, why did you give them 5 stars in the first place?

You can respond to their review. And you should.


Direct order will not be an abuse. First of all your prices are very low for the word press web-designing.

Also you have not mentioned anything about what else the buyer should provide you to start the process on the gig description.

You have mentioned as " Creating a complete website" that means you have to do everything including the graphic part.

Also you have provided unlimited revisions. then they can request endless revisions. Now you can not blame the buyer

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The buyer first ordered the Basic package and request custom modifications and please read gig faq on that specific gig. Now you tell. Only 3 revision is given. Used all of it. She can easily choose the premium one. But she doesn’t. She can contact me before place any order. But she didn’t.

Moreover at the requirements stage I Clearly state that hosting is necessary. But she provide me hosting access after 3 days. She can start the timer when her hosting is ready, but she didn’t.

You are a level 2 seller, but you are offering $300 full eCommerce support. Don’t you think your prices are so low for eCommerce support? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I accidently press the five star rating button. On public review opinion section I describe everything regarding my bad experiences. I want to give her a passive aggressive review with 1 star. But I pressed the 5 star in the first place. I think you get my point.

Now I want to edit the rating part. Can anybody help? I think we are all seller here who are commenting my post. If there is no feature of editing seller review after it’s given, we should work together.


You have responded publicly to the review left by the buyer.

Nobody on the forum can help you further with this.

Check this out:

There is a contact us button at the bottom of the article if you require further help.

You can see in the above uploaded screen shot of your gig description where i can found the complete website and the unlimited revision.

What i can suggest you is clearly mention what is you serve and what you required on the gig description for to reduce this kind of issues. The order requirement buyer can see after they made the order only.

About the pricing of my of e~commerce website gig is a fair price as you can see the below link how my competitors priced then you can have a better understand.

But he mentioned all things are under $15 and gig basic package is $30 and this seller don’t provide all things on that basic package.
irshan_cool So i don’t understand your point what’s wrong?

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I understood your pov. But you are not very detail-oriented, you are not understanding what exact problem I faced regarding that landing page gig, not full website creation gig.

You are mentioning my full website creation gig which is hidden at the time of that order. The buyer requested a landing page, not a full website. I have clearly stated everything on that landing page faq sections.

Why she specially ordered the landing page? Cause she likes it. If she ordered the landing page gig then which rule needs to apply the full website gig or the landing page gig. What do you say?

At the time of my pricing, you are saying I am underpricing myself, at the time of yours now it’s become competitive. :slightly_smiling_face:

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