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Beware Of Fake Buyers!

Guys beware of fake Buyers!!!

Some People buy gigs right after gig delivered they leave negative feedback for no reason, then ask for refund in order to remove feedback. Once gig refunded buyer becomes unresponsive and inactive.

Has this happened to anyone???

These people never use fiverr, or come here once and just never log-in back to their account!

I had to go trough fiverr support to remove negative feedback.

Waste of time and money, just beware guys, always read buyers profile if new members seem fishy your better not going trough with the sale!

Just a heads up!


Thanks for letting us know! :slight_smile:

There’s trolls in them hills… :stuck_out_tongue:

how can i decline that fake buyer if she already ordered the gig?

You can go in the resolution center and cancel the gig… Get mutual cancel agreement and if the buyer doesn’t respond with-in 2 days fiverr automatically cancels it.

See here…