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Beware of Fake SEO


Helo again guys,
I did some research for top rated SEO sellers on fiverr. I reported a lot of them in past but fivver hasn’t taken any actions yet.
Lets start from fiverr TOS.
Most of them are using their private domains in descriptions and profiles, This is against TOS of fiver, reported them and i can’t see ANY ACTION YET.
I have researched these websites, They cant even rank their own websites in search engines, They are using nulled old templates too :slight_smile: Just too funny for them who are making hundrads per day.
They are offering thousands of backlinks
There were few updates from google so far, a lot of people knows this including “SEO EXPERTS”. placing spammy links are dangerous for every kind of website, Also there is limit for google how many links can You place per day. Ok we can say about 50 high quality, niche relevant mixed with no-follow backlink is norm for google. Placing more links increasing the chance that Your website will be penalized from google and You will never recover it.
Ok, now look at the 1st page of fiverrs SEO and how many sellers are offering there 1000-5000 and even 10000+ backlinks and they are top rated sellers. I saw 300K backlink sellers too :slight_smile:
Ok, I can proof this and any normal person who knows very little about SEO can proof that this is black hat method, They aren’t ranking websites, They are increasing Your spam score and thats all. I am sure website which gets 300K backlinks in 1 day or even 1 year is 99% penalized from google and they will never appear in SERPS anymore.

Ok, I understand that SEO needs a lot of skills and technical education so a lot of People have no idea how it works. When I am sending offers in BR I often explaining to People that they need SEO and not traffic services or something like this. So some People are just ordering from them By mistake.
But lets consider the second part, Fiverr have big staff and I think They must have some SEO experts too. They must decide and set some limits for these dangerous sellers.

Logo may be good or bad but SEO may be good or dangerous only, What is not good for SEO is dangerous thats all.

So fiverr lets these people to Sell dangerous services.

And about big amount of SEO EXPERTs, BR is full of these SPAMMERS too.
Just People who are not creative and have no any skills are trying to become SEO experts. This is easy because As I mentioned above potential buyers have no SEO education and they are buying blindly. So They found good chance to get sales from blind buyers and they are SELF CALLED SEO EXPERTs now. They are buying some spammy SEO softwares and spamming tons of backlinks, This is the easiest way to gain money prejudicially of their buyers.

I saw also a lot of SEO experts were asking that they need Websites for their business in BR mode.
This is just insane when SEO experts cant build websites by themselves.
This is like car mechanic can’t drive the car.

So guys Beware fake SEO, There are tons of popular FAKE services including gigs SEO

Fiverr must control technical services here and at least don’t allow them to kill buyers businesses in 1 day


Here is one more example
Seller is offering 10 000 backlinks
"Build 10,000 SEO Backlinks"
and in the description we can read
"2 Days average delivery time
Oh so cool 10K in 2 days is not enough and they will overdeliver haha just so funny,


Not 1% of these gigs will really help SEO—which is partly on the buyers for not knowing what to look for.

Most buyers see it as quantity.

Think about it: Uneducated buyers will easily purchase a gig that sells 10,000 useless links over a gig that “only” gives 10 quality links. What are sellers supposed to do?


You mentioned link exchange but this method isn’t working since google launched updates since Years ago.

And agree with You, I have backlinks service myself too. I am working on quality and always performing My buyers website audit before any actions.
As long as I am very principle and reputation is the most important for me, I am not changing numbers in My gigs. I can give My buyers more then 300K backlinks too but this is agains My principes and I am oriented of My clients satisfication.

Also a lot of people have no idea how important SEO is for their businesses.
They are looking good SEO services for 5$ only. SEO is the key for every online business so You can make some economy for website logo but You cant make economy in SEO, NO SEO or BAD SEO = No Business thats all


How can we tell the SEO gigs that actually work? I purchased a gig from a TRS and only one link showed up after 4 months and it was a “No Follow” ! and the thing is this person had sold thousands of gigs!


This is the reason why I always blame fiverr team.
They aren’t controlling dangerous gigs but promoting them to featured gigs.
Non experienced buyers have 99% chance to buy such spammy featured gigs they think that they are trusted sellers but who cares fiverr team promoting them by the spammy and dangerous links amount and nothing for more


Buyers need to find out a bit about what they are buying, not from the sellers but online. Just by searching in Google for things like “Basic SEO techniques”, “safe SEO”, “effective SEO” or even things like “what effect does buying links on fiverr have?”, you will get a lot of very clear answers.

The bottom line is that Google does not approve of link buying in any shape or form. None. Not paid guest posts, not single links, not thousands of links. NONE. Buying links is ALWAYS A BLACK HAT SEO TECHNIQUE, no matter what the seller might say. Don’t believe me? Check out what Google has to say about it.
This means that any form of link buying has risk involved and as the site owner, you have to decide what risk, if any you want to take.
The other factor to consider is that most links like these that I have seen on sites are ineffective at best.

Google only really values RELEVANT links so if you sell cars in Texas, getting links from a pet blog in Moscow looks weird. Of course, a pet blogger could naturally include a link to your site if they bought a car from you so that on its own won’t be acted on by Google. However, if all your links are coming from completely random places, unrelated to your site then they see it as spam. In fact, it is spam - total spam, the type everyone hates - especially Google so of course they will remove you or penalize you in some way!


I know SEO very well. and I know they are cheating as most of the buyer has no idea about SEO .

When They give to lots of SEO reports that is fake, And after getting the report all buyers are happy .

So , Its their fault that They are cheating with Buyer …


How about “SEO experts” with suit clothes and business suitcase on their pictures.
Are You serious?