Beware of false Gods: The Algorithm issue


Since the news came to us few weeks (months?) ago, it’s been a common word in many threads… sometimes mentioned almost as a whisper… sometimes in an open rage:

The new Algorithm

Let me tell you what the new algorithm is:

The newest excuse.

You want to be a freelancer?
You want to make some bucks to get extra $$?
You want to save for a car? Holidays? a new computer? pay some bills?

Are those things easy to get in real life?

Then why should it be easy here?

The new excuse is the Algorithm you create in your head, and to believe that the Almighty New One decides over the life and death of our mortal Fiverr Gigs…

You’re wrong.

The only Almighty is the one who looks straight at your eyes when you stand in front of a mirror.
That’s the one who decides the fortune of your Fiverr experience.

Stop making excuses.
You thought you were untouchable because you had a certain level?
Because you’ve worked hard for many years?
You think is useless to go on working hard because an Algorithm will destroy your house of cards?

Then this is not the right place for you.
Then you don’t deserve being called a “freelancer”

Freelancer means being flexible, hard worker, positive, fall and stand up again, and again, because nothing is given to us for granted. Here or in the outside world. Nothing!

Do not believe you can somehow control or figure out how the Almighty New One works. Do not believe that other people can make of your Gigs the new Top Seller, to give you traffic and be successful, tell you magic tricks or reveal you hidden secrets to get to the top… Those won’t work if you’re not willing to fight and work hard.

In your hands and head lies the strenght and solution to your Fiverr problems…

Do not believe in false Gods, they’re are at the end mere mortals like you and me.

Fiverr Is Down!

Could you please stay out of my head?
This sounds like what I say in my head a lot when reading the forum (but your version has a bit more bite).
The forum has posts complaining about not being at the top of search going back to the beginning of time yet it seems that those who had it easy all this time seem to think it is only an issue now that they have dropped - funny that…



˝Fiverr is a tap, sometimes it is on, sometimes it is off.˝ quoted from @writer99025


As someone who has been here a long time I’m here to tell you I’ve never seen anything like what has happened lately. It’s not my fault either. Yes I work hard to adapt to changes but this is different. If it’s a series of tests then it has really shaken up the system.


Algorithm is complicated. I saw a video on Youtube about it and then I got a headache.


That video may have been confusing too because, I’ll bet, the person who posted the video knows nothing about how the Fiverr algorithm works. None of us do.

Fiverr is the only “person” who knows how the algorithm truly works. :wink:


Actually, in the video that I watched, the person talks about algorithm in general, not specifically about Fiverr algorithm. :slight_smile: It´s interesting, but it made me dizzy :joy:


Ah. A mathematician’s dream, eh? :slight_smile:

Alas, mathematics was never my favorite topic in school. I would likely be just as confused as you were by that video. :wink:


If you will look carefully you can see that Algorithm discussions are forbidden. Censorship.


LOL, same with me! I think that´s why I got a headache after I watched the video. :joy:


What do you mean? I don´t understand. I thought that´s what we have been talking about?


Says who?

Your censorship claim is just plain false. The forum is not censoring discussion, but mods have been closing topics that degrade into nothing but complaints about the algorithm, and sellers demanding that their gigs be located at the top of search results.

Let’s not make sweeping generalizations based solely upon your “IMHO” opinions.


I mean you can not discuss algorithm tech details (I mean your thoughts, your opinions)

You can say only common phrases like: you need to work hard, don’t complain, promote your gigs and another useless blablabla - nothing concret



Hmmm…I think it depends on how we say it. If something is censored, we must understand this new forum has some new rules, which I personally have not acknowledged all of them, but I try to adjust anyway. : :slight_smile:

NB: I personally think algorithm is not a taboo subject to discuss.


ha ha Mathematics was my favorite topic in school - this is why instead of common useless blablabla I try to see concret details in Algorithm(s) :slight_smile:

I don’t see, but I feel the internal Gig’s Rank as the main base for all operations :slight_smile:



@yurymuzlanov Me thinks no one can tell you how to figure out Fiverr algorithm works. It is a puzzle everyone must discover themselves. Correct me if I´m wrong.


Nobody knows, you are right. I added IMHO by the way :slight_smile:

It means that I’m not sure, it’s only my opinion


It´s your slogan :joy:

NB: I know what IMHO stands for, jeeezzzz


For someone who makes a point of “IMHO” – aka, “just sharing your opinion”, you sure are condescending towards others. I recommend that you change that behavior. That’s not a considerate way to be interacting on this forum.