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Beware of fragglesrock

fragglesrock send me treat message if I dont pay her or give her good feedback she will spam me.

Here Copy of her message to me:

":You know what buddy? I will spam your site to hell. Have you heard of ScrapeBox? "

All this for $5 job! really! LOL

rip off and scam people all over fiverr, beware!!

Please report this to our customer support team, they will be able to help you further

Just report it to customer support. They will look into it. Threats are not tolerated and proper action will be taken, I’m sure.

Remove her name, calling out either sellers or buyers isn’t allowed. Report the problem to Customer Support, like adsensewizard said.

Also, how is it a scam if you bought her gig, she delivered, and she wants you to pay her?

So pay her the $5 you owe her for doing the work, and if she did the work as you asked it (not as you imagined it, as you actually communicated it) leave her 5 star feedback. Kind of sounds like you caused the problem by trying to get something for nothing.

I’m actually a bit surprised that fragglesrock name still hasn’t been removed ( usually

Fiverr is quick with these things) but by looking at her gigs and ratings,

she seems like a legit seller who you can trust.

I’m quite curious though, did you pay her??? If she did deliver the gig and you didn’t pay,

I can see why she got all angry, even though sending a threatening message is not the

best way to go.

It seems like this thread has been seen by many people already, it is ironic that

fragglesrock is getting a lot of exposure, and not in a negative way.