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Beware of fragglesrock

I was working with a seller named fragglesrock who talked me [stupid me] into going outside of Fivver. He got $330 to do a system update and when I had to wait a few months to get the site freed from a defunct server system, fragglesrock ate the money and told me no work… unless i pay again

and yes, i do have his email telling how much better he would do the work outside of the Fivver system

First time their bad… a second time my bad… will never be a second time…

warning do not ever do business with a fivver seller outside of Fivver… $330 lost…

Sheriff’s note: calling out other users is not permitted, so names have been fragglesrocked.

If Fiverr has a rule stating that every transaction and every order MUST be processed on Fiverr platform, there’s a reason… unfortunately you learned it the wrong way.

Please remember that Fiverr could ban your account if they discover you violated this rule…

Why is this scammer not banned outright, and permanently? How does he get away with scamming so many people repeatedly? Sherrifs, how about it- can’t you do something?

Not only did you cheat fiverr by doing this but now you are asking to have fiverr ban your account by announcing it to the world so you seem to be very good at making problems for yourself. :expressionless:

Reply to @reinier01: Fragglesrock is not the name of a real seller, so don’t worry. :slight_smile: The forum rules do not allow users to call each other out by name since reputations can be wrongly damaged that way. Fragglesrock is a word used to replace usernames, offensive terms, external links, etc.

Buyers or sellers who are caught breaking major rules are banned. Users must report suspected violations directly to Customer Support so they can be investigated, proven or disproven and then action is taken accordingly.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks for the clarification- a lot of things are now making sense.

Reply to @reinier01: Sure! It’s common - I think we all wonder about this mysterious fragglesrock when we first see “him”!