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Beware of Fraud buyer with false accusation

I was joined Fiverr in February 2020. I delivered successful job with 100% client satisfaction. They gave me a positive review always. But the incident happened on May 19. I was always told to not take the job of a few specific countries because they always do outsourcing. I believed that but I was out of order for about one month.
A buyer knocked me from those specific countries, He asked me to design a landing page for his company. I checked his profile and saw only one review. I thought I should do the job because I had no order in hand. So I told him that I can do the job. He offers me $5 with unlimited revision and also within 1 day. I accepted the order. I delivered the job on time and he put me on a revision to change his content. But the content was given by him in word file. He asked me to change punctuation, word, etc. I changed as he wanted.
Then he wanted to place another order for two landing pages with a $10 budget, $5 each within 1 day. I told him to give me extra one day, but he told me that he need the job done asap, then he gave me extra one day, He only gave me the content of the first page. I told him that it is low for me because your landing page cover 5-7 section. but I offer 3 sections for $5. As I was expected he offers me more in future and will increase the budget in future but not this time. Again I accepted and delivered the first page within one day and waiting for second-page content and credentials. He put me on revision as I expected and gave me the second-page details. I have done the job within one day and delivered and again he put me on revision and change things as usual as the first order. He was asking me to add contents etc. I was doing my job as he told.
Then he asked me to Integrate Mailchimp within the budget. I refused him and told him that it is not part of my job, I was told only to design the landing page. He threatened me to give a bad review. I feel offended and I report this to the Fiverr team and I told him not to continue his job. Then he told me, okay I will give you a positive review, complete the job, but I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to do this because he was from those countries. I refused his offer and told him to let Fiverr decide.
Then he gave me a bad review on his first order and also written that I was contacting him outside Fiverr and he gave me $100 extra outside Fiverr. Which never happened. I reported to Fiverr about this issue, Hope Fiverr will give me justice.


Why would you create a website – in only ONE day, with unlimited revisions – for only $5? Surely your services are worth more than that!

You were taken advantage of, and you let the buyer get away with it. Any time someone comes to you with this kind of offer, more often than not, they are trying to take advantage of you and get lots of work for free. Unfortunately, you agreed to unlimited revisions, so you are now contractually obligated to continue working for this buyer for as long as he requests revisions. That’s what “unlimited revisions” means – and that’s why you should never offer, or agree to it.


You wanna hear a professional tip?

Increase your prices immediately! Then you won’t have so much trash.


First warning sign. This statement shouts abusive buyer.

Second warning sign. This shouts bad client. Why asap? Can’t they run a business and plan?

Third warning sign. He is grooming you. Meaning tempting you with sweet offers that will never materialise.

I do have sympathy with you, but you missed so many classic warning signs.

Why would you want to work for $5 with unlimited revisions on a 24 hour turnaround? No one should put them self in this position. Such abusive buyers should be banned from Fiverr - but you also have to accept a lot of the responsibility here.


Thank you so much, I was thinking for of that.

I know it was fault to give him unlimited revision, but the review he gave me is really frustrating and not acceptable after all i have done for him.

Yes, I know all my fault not to accept the order. I gave him this because I was free and was desperate to have order. It is a lesson for me, My friend always give me warning, not to accept those buyers from specific country. I was going to have level 1 badge in next month. I am really tensed about this matter. Fiverr is not responding. Don’t what they can do for me.

If you’re talking about the buyer who gave you a 1 star review, he’s from your own country.


I know. Its a shame. Most of them do outsourcing.

I wonder why another buyer from the same country you speak about gave you 6 reviews for job in the same category.


So, if you want to hire a seller on Fiverr, by your logic, nobody should accept to work with you because of your country?

Also, outsourcing isn’t a problem. Buyers who want anything done for $5 in 1 day with unlimited revisions are, if you let them instead of telling them you’re not interested.


I was doing his job as Fiverr regulations.

I also hired a graphic designer from my country, It was a good experience and understanding.

1st rule: never do anything like this for such a low price! The lower price your service is, the more scammy customers would be around you. Also, this work is not worth your time.

2nd rule: never do anything with unlimited revisions. If you want to, set it up on 9 or below.

3rd rule: if you get an offer for such a low price, and the buyer asks for 1 day delivery and to be as fast as possible without any extra price for having to deliver that fast, and you are getting pushed/rushed to do the job fast, this is likely to be a scam.


Thank you for good suggestions, I will keep this in my mind.

Did you also tell CS about the false accusations in the buyer’s review? Surely, if they look over the messages that were sent they will know you didn’t ask the buyer for money outside of fiverr.

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For the future: multiply your prices by about 4; remove unlimited revisions and never accept any demand for them; remove all references to “100% satisfaction”, which has the same effect.

When contacting CS, keep it short, attach screenshots of threats and wait …

Not much help now, but treat yourself to some self respect and buyers will do the same.


of course I told CS about this. Because I never asked him to contact or give extra money outside fiverr.

That’s good! Keep in mind CS is a little slow these days so you might have to wait a while for a response.

Thank you, I will increase the price and do the changes as you told.

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