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Beware of Fraud Buyer

I saw there are many of Fraud Buyers who buy products and ask for refund after few days. But Fiverr is still failed to protect there sellers from this kind of spam one buyer buy a product from me buyer profile "*" don’t give anything to this buyer becuase they will ask for a refund after few days. He buy 3 products and in all 3 products he ask for refund. Finally its upto you i leave everything on you guys just beware from this kind of buyer. Thanks

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If you aren´t confident with the buyer, maybe the best solution is adding a watermark before sending final project and request written conformity about it so in case of asking for refund you had solid proof of his/her conformity and can defend yourself.


Fiverr should do more in protecting sellers because we do all the work only to be ripped off in the end.

Same things Happens with me. And some TOP Buyers dont want new buyers in their competition so they also put orders and then give negative reviews which is very bad and Fiverr cant help because they put the review. I have total 30 Reviews and one negative review the buyer want me to design green, white and black colours - Plane A4 sizes How can I design them and then put the review that problem was in communication.

And Now not replying. The account created on same date and h is not active from the time he gave the negative review.

Very bad experience.

Is there a way that sellers can choose who their buyers will be, for example a feature where you can filter who orders your gig depending on the account age of the buyer.

Because new buyers who just registered a Fiverr account are most likely not going to be that active after ordering your gig, and some just don’t reply.

I’m more than a year with fiverr and completed 1300+ orders. But only 1 buyer was asking a refund it also a Fair reason. I always work with new Buyers. it’s not to fear work with them if you really good at what you are doing. always try to be flexible and more creative on your work. with my experience, 99% buyers are genuine in fiverr.

Thank You

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Yeah, it’s been like that for ages and nothing has been done about it. All of my cancellations too have been because the buyer either didn’t read the description of the service or changed their mind and didn’t want it anymore.

Sure, it’s possible to decline the request, but buyer is (almost) always right, and you want them to be happy and have a reason to like you, not hate you. And if you do get a bad review that says “I ordered accidentally”, support would do nothing about it. As in a review the buyer can even review the current weather outside and not be related to the order in any way. A very weird policy!

I have a conspiracy theory guys… The fraudulent buyers are those who are sellers on this forum as well… they know our weaknesses and even attend these forum chats and exploit us… they are from the herd!