Beware of fraud buyers


Yesterday, I got a message from one buyer who want his work done and asked me to do a sample work. Being, a new seller here, I completed his sample work with excellent and submitted him.
To which, he asked me to send a offer of $5 and told that he will pay within few hours. But till now, he didn’t paid anything and didn’t reply to message.
When I checked his profile, I found that he is also giving the same service as I am.

So, you think yourself why anyone would pay for some work which he also provide to earn.

I request all new sellers to not do any work from sellers and ask him to pay first for doing their work. Doing work for free, not only harm you but you also think not to do any work again.

Thanks for reading.


This should have been your first step and not the last one…

The answer is “yes” and you deliver a draft, with watermarks on it…
Or you answer “no”, if you intend to pay just $5 then directly order my Gig, thanks.

To re-sell it more expensive duh… :expressionless:

Absolutely wrong. You can also sell to other sellers as there are plenty who are honest and will value your work. The fact that you’re new made you make some mistakes, but if you follow simple rules you won’t have this kind of problem anymore.

First part of the sentence :+1:
Second part: take it as a lesson, learn fom it and don’t be too much disappointed.

With this bad experience you have to learn just 2 simple things:

1- Do not work in advance or for free, and never without an order already placed.
2- If you want to send samples, then WATERMARK them.

Best of lucks!


This attitude is going to take you nowhere but to absolute darkness. The girl probably spent 20 minutes of her life, trying to help you out. And this is what you reward her with? Seriously, you need to rethink your whole life.


Did I read that right? Have you had a chance to read the mighty TOS ? Here is what will happen next… You will most likely not get any orders, then you will come back here begging for some tips on how you can improve your gigs and get new sales, by that time the forum and even the moderators will have put you name on monitor mode. Most likely no one will be willing to help you out. Then in then end you will cuddle in a dark corner wondering where you went wrong.