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Beware of Fraud Buyers!


Recently I experienced an incident !!
A guy came to me and ask for my service and ask me to create small demo so he can check and order me gig!
I did it.
After he said he loved job and want me to carry on with his instruction doc and complete all assets, I ask to order gig and send him price and time!
He agreed to pay even more and said to pay all after I finish job ! and told me that he wanna be sure that for what he’s paying!
First I denied and he gone! Back after few days and ask for update :open_mouth:
I said I never started job…he said to start me and he would pay at evening ! I did more work on his job and keep showing him! he keep doing same and at last flew away with whatever I did and sent as demo !
I always sent him low resolution demo files but I spent 7-8 hours on his work and his gone now!

Newbie question about hiring

Never, ever, for any reason, do work before an order is placed.
Safeguard yourself.
It’s a harsh lesson, but hopefully you’ve learned it now.


Yes I did!
he kept asking me and I felt my self being rude not doing!


YOu broke the fiverr law. Fiverr Terms is before order, No seller never supposed to start any work .
So , Its not being Rude.


Don’t do work before Order


Don’t do work until you get order. I have already dealt with such kinda buyer on my first day on Fiverr :wink:


Well, that should’ve been your cue to archived the message, after reading that line. It was a bunch of bologna from the so-called Buyer’s part. I hope you’re here to make money, cause working for FREE on a PAY for service website is not wise. :moneybag:

Hours wasted on a freeloader. Lost time you could’ve spent on an actual ‘paying’ client.


This is just not how Fiverr works. There is nothing to be aware about as in the order process all security measures are in place. It’s your own decision if you work for free, what you automatically do if you don’t work via the order process.


you have been here over one year. You must know that they have to pay first before you do work?

When I read this I thought you must be entirely new.

They always have to pay first! You should have sent him a custom order and waited until he accepted the order.


I agreed with you @grandmaa


that is why i NEVER 'ever NEver ever
do a job that i feel it’s a wast of time.

a lot of buyer that require a “hey you can do a sketch for i order"
and i said to them “NO” NO NO NO NO. it’s a wast of time”

i don’t see any reason to do that.
if buyer wan’t your service then just order


but, I think, all jobs are waste of time :smile_cat: @hardbearded996


not all just order first LOL