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Beware of Fraud Top Buyer

Many farud buyer are on fiverr who show you that they are working with agency and place bulk or many orders to you but they want guarantee of work and want a test order if you disagree on that they show you like that you are missing a very good opportunity in last you agree for free trail and after work completion they told you they are waiting for client approval or had no client this time and after some time when you message them for update they told you they see your new gig and interested in that but again want a free testing if you refuse they didn’t respond you and block you


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It is totally inappropriate for you to show them on the forum and shame them.

Why its inappropriate ?

It is a violation of our community guidelines. Please remove it, or blur out the name.

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So you were surprised someone who found out you do free work stopped talking to you when you stopped offering free work?

It’s against the community guidelines to name and shame.

This is a teaching moment for you.

You need to stop offering free work.


That problem is very easy to solve.

Simply refuse to do any free work. Politely, of course. Send them an offer for a small sample (for $5 or $10 or whatever is appropriate for the amount of work they want you to do) instead. If they’re not buying, they’re not buyers, anyway.


Thank you for pointing this out. But the moral of the story is never offer free work.

The reason scammers exist is because they know that some inexperienced or desperate people will offer work for free in the belief they will eventually get paid work from it.

No, no and no again. Never. No.


i just joined fiverr 2 month ago :slight_smile: so for me its a experience to learn new

Yep there are, guys like those… But we as a freelancers should Respect our work…
When You really respect, Your work…


You will not work in Cheaper price in temptation of few stars on your profile.


I you Really Know the work, The work will follow the way to YOU…

Plz correct me if im wrong!!!

My average order price is 130$ so my service is not cheap :slight_smile:

I had this client who had a description of a seller. They wanted me to write a hugea** number of stories in a very less price. I wondered whether or not they checked the prices on my gig as they approached me through the gig source.
Anyways, I got rid of them. Sounded like a total fraud to me. Value your work though. I understand that you are just 2 months old in this thing so it obv needs an experience to learn about these scams. But stop offering free services.


Never give away work for free. If someone wants free work before making a purchase, walk away. Show them a portfolio or watermarked samples.

as a newbie its an experience for me :slight_smile:

I have learned that experience that hard way to. Just reinforcing what you learned. No shaming or judging.

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