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Beware of Fraudsters

Hi all,

Beware of scammers. I got hired by someone for writing his/her eBook. I finished the gig well and as soon as the revisions was done, they started hurling insults at me and threatened to request a refund, knowing fully well that Fiverr would cancel the gig if they complain. As soon as the gig was cancelled, the person vanished and deleted the account he/she was using. beware of these and please help if you know how to mitigate these.


Sad to hear this,Did you contact customer support?

This is really saddening! It is time fiverr started protecting the sellers too. Too many fraudsters on rampage these days.


You could try to go chapter by chapter, or using the milestone feature (if you have it yet), if you get a new customer for a whole book.
Serious buyers may well accept that, as it´s a security measure for both seller and buyer.

If a buyer starts to get funny after just one chapter, not so much is lost, and if they get funny only after the last chapter, well, if they accepted and reviewed and didn´t cancel the ones before, their request for cancellation becomes very implausible.

For the current case, you could try to prove to Fiverr that you delivered what was agreed on, and of course give them screenshots of the insults etc.

That the person´s account was gone after the cancellation, that might have been not the buyer deleting their account but a case of chargeback, in which Fiverr suspends a buyer´s account, there are a few threads with tips on how to handle that, e.g. this and this.


I would be upset to see that someone who is a writer on fiverr doesn’t know simple rules of grammar.

I’m not sure what happened in your case though.

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I did and got the same response around policy and all.

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Ugh, what an awful case when that happens. Were there any signs that this person might have been a fraudster that we could all look out for so it doesn’t happen to us?

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Is it possible they had a legitimate reason to complain? We only hear one side of the story.

As someone who hires himself out to write for people, the word you should have used instead of “was” is “were”. It might be that the person was angry about the quality of the writing. I would have been.

I think people tend to not be concerned with grammar when writing on informal places such as forums so maybe his grammatical mistake here doesn’t count.

She said I had put wrong spellings and I warned her not to temper with the copy that I delivered as I had one in my PC. My documents are all clean of spelling errors. She complained to Fiverr anywhere, and got all her money back before blocking me.

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Not at all miss, I take my gigs very serious as I will be looking forward to prolonged working relationships. That was a typo and cannot be used to make assumptions on a 50000 word document.

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