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Beware of hacker!

I am a Social media Services Provider , someone Come to my gig and discus about packages , i offer him package for his need and he did multi orders and cost was total $150 , i though its a real buyer and start doing work , after some time when work was almost i see , order cancelled by support and i cant send him any msg anylong , i lost my money which i spend to deliver his work , he got followers and i got 0 and cancellation of order also effect on my account , i thing he was a hacker with stolen money , so i requesst you all please review all buyers before start doing work

It happened to me in the past, in my case I delivered and he gave 5 Star already. I was crazy. But I loved the way C-Support handled everything. :slight_smile:

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what to do in my case , i will get money or what ?

But if order cancelled if will effect our profile

some one access my fiverr account and stolen 150$ last month do not click any suspicious link report fiverr right away