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Beware of Hackers - IMPORTANT

Hey guys, just wanted to alert you so that you may not fall in prey of such hackers who may remotely control your computers. Today i got this message … after downloading, when i extracted it there was a .exe file (executable file)

Avoid such files and never double click on such executable files unless you are 100% sure of what exactly it is. Usually hackers remotely install a remote keylogger (using keylogger they can easily trace your key strokes) using such bad tricks.


Ha ha. I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for the tip @turnkeyz but I think everyone should know that. Ha ha.

Reply to @bigbadbilly:

This is crazy, but I suppose they wouldn’t be doing it unless it’s worked previously, maybe, this has something to do with some sellers Fiverr accounts being emptied?

@perfectgigger - Could be. The fact is that everyone who’s ever been online should know not to open/run things like that. I wouldn’t say it’s funny that some people still do… I just can’t ‘believe’ they still do.

I just received the exact same message. Has anyone reported them yet?

I just sent a message to CS

On top of that when someone sends a message like that, its bound to happen.

Thanks for the alert, might as well report immediately after something like this happen )

thank u 4 ur info :slight_smile: