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Beware of hackers who pose as Fiverr Team

Late last week I got a message from someone calling themselves “Vote_Team” with the fiverr logo as their picture. This was the message I received

"Hi aolo8891, Are you still waiting for more sales? (the link was here) Don’t worry here is the best place to promote and earn more sales traffic for your Gigs. Just vote and then you can see your Gigs with Fiverr main category page. Note: Please vote using your unique Fiverr account and don’t use this offer with multiple accounts. This offer valid until 30th November.

Regards, Fiverr Team."

Only clicking the link, I lost my account and after like three days from CS assistance I got back my account with the funds withdrawn. PLEASE beware of such users who are here to steal from other hard-working sellers. I am a living example, don’t be the next victim.

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I have removed the link lest someone be curious to click on it

Aolo thats horrible! You may want to change your password, and do a anti-malware scan on your computer just to be safe.

Yes it’s true!

It happen to me today! and the password of my Fiverr account and Gmail was the same. The person have tried to access my Gmail too, Thank God Gmail sent me a message before they mess up with all my accounts.

As informed by Gmail:

Position of the hacker : Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Adresse IP :

If the password you provided them is the same as your Email account password or even worst, your Payoneer account password! Then you know what you have to do…


Simply put, don’t click on any links delivered to you that appear to be from Fiverr or anyone asking if you want more sales! This is just to comprimise your account - report it the message immediately and contact Customer Service with a screenshot the message so they remove the account to prevent anyone else in the community from being taken advantage of.

Fiverr’s team will only message you directly through a verified account(s) as seen in my attachment. Their message will include a check mark for authenticity.

Reply to @thepromogirl: thanks for the Fiverr team sign of authentication

Reply to @sedulous1: Lucky me, my passwords were different…otherwise that dude would have messed me big time

Reply to @seanc99: already did all that, thanks