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BEWARE of Hackers


Today I received a message from an account that is now deleted.

I see that there are other posts out there on this topic. I’m making this post to remind everyone that as a seller you are vulnerable.

Here is the message I received:


I have a good project for you.

Please check details in attached file:
[Link from]

open macros in doc file, please, for animation

[word doc attachment titled “fiverr project”]


I clicked the file and downloaded it and it just had a word doc branding with the blue Microsoft office logo etc and nothing else.

I realized something was fishy so I immediately deleted the file from my google drive and started doing research on these types of viruses and scams.

I read this and immediately felt dread.

Am I screwed? I should have realized how general the message was to realize it was a scam. Is there a way to ensure my computer is clean? (I have a chromebook). I didn’t turn on macros so am I safe?

Has anyone else dealt with this type of cyber attack? Is Fiverr doing anything about preventing this?

Thank you in advance for helping me deal with this. My computer seems fine now but I want to make sure it doesn’t break and ensure my identity is secure.



If your “macro” was disabled, then there is nothing to worry about. But it is still a good idea to use an anti-malware, MalwareBytes, to scan your computer for a keylogger. Moreover, you can also change your Fiverr account’s password for added security (Change your password only when you are sure that there is no keylogger, otherwise, the keylogger may even record your Security Question’s answer).

Best of luck! And never let your guard down, especially when dealing with online platforms.


I received a very similar message about two days ago.
Not with any attachments or anything, just someone claiming to be a “lady from the u.s.a” and that they “have business to discuss with me”
…and then prompting me to contact me through some really sketchy sounding yahoo email address.
I mean… " i wait for your email to my email box" didn’t sound very american to me.
Even if it did, it had to be a scammer. Which fiverr buyer even asks you to contact them via email?

Thankfully I ruled it out as some scammer and ignored them completely. The account now deleted as well.


same happen to me…
i deleted right away


Wow they were so desperate.
You should do what deluxe writing said. :slight_smile:


similar thing happen to me twice in past couple of days. Since I am new here I asked experienced fiverr member for advice


Thank you all for the response.

My laptop is fine and my accounts seem secure.

I think I’m going to look into improving my security while using online platforms (especially fiverr)

Is there a good (free) course out there? Honestly I think internet security should be taught in high school considering this is going to be the future of crime.