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Beware of Manipulating Seller

I just found interesting sellers who are trying to manipulate by asking you to complete orders before it is even finished and give you excuses why it’s your fault that they did not deliver their promise.

My tips is never ever ever complete orders even though you are trying to show good will to fiverr sellers. I know not every seller are like this, but you should at least watch your back.

Just cancel the job as soon as they do that, and then report them to Fiverr. Let the seller know that you are doing this as well. Simple. If everyone did this, the problem and practice would disappear pretty sharpish.

Would have been nice to know that this not standard operating procedure. I ordered my first gig in May and when the proof was ready I had to rate the seller or it would complete on its on in 3 days. So, I rated the seller based on the proof - which was great - but here it is July 1st and I have yet to receive my logo package - which I paid $50 for and the seller has yet to respond to any of my messages. Needless to say, this is my first and last with Fiverr.

Customer Support. You’ll get your money back.