Beware of [name removed]


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Hi @jsmasilela

Please remove seller’s name.


I am sorry: you were the victim of a scammer. Contact Customer Service, explain what happened and see if you can get your money back.


As a result, there are some sellers in the marketplace, who are completing empty orders, that means they are giving complete delivery. In fact, the MarquettePlas is being lost for some people who are doing different things in different ways, such as doing the right thing, they do not do it like B And by giving a line to some wrong interpretation, they are giving empty delivery Whether we should work properly and work for everyone because a clone will always give you a job to work, always try to accomplish the handstand%


@ jsmasilela Look at that sellers profile. its a pile of nonsense. They cannot even string together a coherent sentence, the dates used on their profile and gigs do not add up and they claim to have a PhD from Harvard and this, in one of their gigs they state this “Your satisfaction is the most important to me and your 5 star review” they should be reported for this alone as they are soliciting for five star reviews from the outset


Haven’t managed a handstand for about 50 years. Is that where I’m going wrong? :thinking::sun_with_face:

Many warning signs - claimed location nowhere near their local time etc. etc.


In fact, I mean that we must work properly and fairly to marketplace. When a client has given us a job, he must expect from us that he will get a nice job to get his work done nicely, so that every seller should Completely complete the job, I mean that’s it


Why? So she can keep scamming people? Are we not trying to make this platform a safe platform to do business for all? People like this are toxic its not about the money it’s about time wasted


I’m so sorry this happened to you! Have you contacted customer support about this? You can get a refund to your account.


And avoid sellers who say they have a Phd from Harvard in their profile.


I’m sorry this happened to you and I understand how you’re feeling right now but it’s against the forum rules to display buyers/sellers names.

Please take a look to this topic Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's

As for contacting CS, here’s the link for you to place a ticket


My problem is what’s gonna happen the person is still gonna go on doing it to other people?


@jsmasilela Just worry about your own situation since there is nothing you can do about this. They will be found out and removed soon.