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Beware of people asking for free work

Hi Everyone again just another warning. I had a buyer asking me to send an example of his script for a voiceover this morning. When I sent it audio marked so that it could not be used he said that the file was empty and could I resend. So knowing this was not true and he was trying to scam me I sent some examples of my previous work and said that he could not use these only his script. Funny that !!

Another example of someone looking for a free ride. I know many of you out there see this coming a mile off but just concerned for new sellers.

Keep em peeled

Tarnia x

I usually deliver examples with a 1000HZ tone in the background. Simple and annoying. I prefer to send a sample voiceover if that’s going to bring me a 50$ order.

I got a “client” the other day that wanted a “sample” of one of my video intros but with his logo. Of course, to make it look like he was a real client, he also said that he needed samples because he was looking for a good seller to make more than 30 video intros from his clients.

I said I didn’t work for free and that there were about 15 samples in my portafolio of my work. He insisted that he wanted to try with his logo and his colors. I said that he could buy the gig and if he didn’t like it, he could ask for a refund and I will give it to him. Still, didn’t want that. He obviously was a scammer.

I kept answering just so my response rate wouldn’t drop but he obviously wanted a free video.

Do not send without watermark anything …

You only need to reply once for your response rate. The rest don’t get tracked.

I agree with toutou123, your reviews are your best credentials

I was working on someone order to make a cartoon character…and he keep asking me to send the progress. So i just export my design to JPG format, I opened it, and I take a photo (with my phone), and i set the picture (so it’s gonna be more blurr).

And he ask me, "Could you send the real file of his order, or at least the JPG file ? Because I can’t see it clearly"
And i said, "I will send all of it, after I get the notification of your order in my GIG.

That’s good to know. As a buyer, I don’t want to be rude to the sellers, but I also don’t want to make them lose points or rankings or whatever it is if they don’t answer a “Thanks!” or “Have a great weekend.”

I was working on someone that wanted me to mix “6 songs a month” so we did start with just 2 songs for the price of 1.5 songs. The order marks as complete and never again showed up.

That’s why you ignore people who want a discount based on “long term work”.

Still, you got paid, I suppose.

I had a similar experience where the client wanted a Demo Voice Over … Then he went on Saying ill give you Loads of voice over work… i said you can order a basic gig … that wont be a problem… then he started abusing me saying i buy a lot from Fiverr… No Seller has told me this "how can you say that to a great buyer like me " He said…i really dont understand why do Buyers think that for 5 $ we will do anything and everything for them…:slight_smile: