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Beware of people buying the wrong gig for reviews


Review gigs are illegal, what some buyers are doing is sending messages like this:

“I have game/app on Iphone and Androind phone for which I want positive reviews and 4-5 star ratings. For one positive review I will order you 3 gigs @ $ 5 for you. The review must be good and relevant. Its Paid app and its cost is $3.99. It is a good opportunity for you to make money. You can ask your friend or family member to download the App/game and give reviews and ratings. I will make the payment through fiverr only by ordering you gigs. You just have to let me know the name of the person along with what review and rating has been posted by him or her. I will order you more gigs accordingly. Note: I need only USA, Uk and Canda reviews. Single Review for a particular phone. The next review should be from another phone. Best, John Doe Www Whatever dot com”

Fiverr spammed this message for me, but the auto spammer doesn’t always work. The danger of agreeing to this deal is that your gig could end up getting deleted.

Companies today fight fake reviews, and Fiverr doesn’t fight for sellers who break their rules.


There was a buyer asked if I could write Airbnb reviews.
I said “I translate not create, but thanks for asking.”


So that’s how you make money on Fiverr? With translations? Do you get a lot of business?


Not a lot but not expecting big money.
I would like to try what else can I do with my little skills.
Quite fun here.


very useful topic.
thanks for sharing this with us.
looking forward for your next topic :+1::+1::+1:


Thank you, you’re too kind. :slight_smile:


Don’t sell yourself short, perhaps someday you’ll come up with a gig a lot of people need but nobody has yet.


Thank you sir. I ll keep looking for opportunities.