Beware of Promotion in Facebook Groups


I’ve seen a few people offering to promote gigs in a facebook group (that supposedly has thousands, even millions of users). Do your due diligence when deciding on purchasing such a gig. I’ve checked out a few, and they seem fake to me. That’s just my own opinion. View the members list, click on some of the profiles. Most of them are either brand new, no activity, and non-english oriented. Also, keep in mind that anyone can be added to a group without their permission. I just saw one that had over 3 million members and all of the members were added/invited minutes ago, and the gig owner just joined Fiverr 15 hours ago.

I don’t want anyone to waste money on something that could be a scam. Again, its just my opinion.

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Nice tip. Maybe another way to tell is if the posts have comments, likes, shares and discussion. That’s harder to fake.


Sure you are talk about me. :slight_smile:

We were all newbies at one time or another. Why don’t give newbies a chance ?

clickclick said: Sure you are talk about me. :)
We were all newbies at one time or another. Why don't give newbies a chance ?

This is NOT a question about "giving newbies a chance" this is a question of value and due diligence.

Now, let me be clear, I'm not speaking about you, I didn't even click the link to your gig, which I'm not sure even belongs in this thread...

...but if someone is offering "exposure" to fake users or offering "traffic" and the only traffic is a "single pixel" being opened on a busy page (in other words a scam) THEY DO NOT DESERVE A CHANCE.

No one has a "right" to conned money.

And, worse, it hurts MY business too (and the huge many valid businesses here).


Reply to @clickclick: Yes, I am talking about you. Please understand that everyone deserves a chance, but that has nothing to do with what I was talking about. Your gig would have been a very valuable investment, if in fact, it was legit. I clicked on your thread because I thought it sounded too good to be true, yet interesting. Five bucks may small to some people, but for me, $5 doesn’t mean I’m willing to throw it to any & everybody just because it sounds good. I research on & offline before buying any gig. So when I checked out your gig, it was personal. When I went through your members’ list, immediately it didn’t seem right. All the names were foriegn, some had the same first name, all was invited within minutes, and as I went to some of the profiles, I concluded it wasn’t genuine. I don’t like when people intentionally try to get over on someone to make a quick buck. That’s why I posted this thread. So, its not that I wouldn’t buy a gig from you because you’re new, I wouldn’t buy from you cuz now I think you’re a con artist. I’m sorry, but that’s just my personal opinion & decision.


Reply to @yankee77: True. It was a closed group, so I couldn’t see the full page, just the members’ list. He had another group that was a mirror of the one he’s promoting. That one had over 12,000 members. All of them foriegn, non-english, that page had posts, but they were all in some other languages, and could’ve been spam for all I knew. I could’ve went further into my investigation but translating the posts in “google” translation, but I already made my decision. The groups uses a turn called “autosubscriber”, which must mean he uses a software that automatically subscribes profiles to his group. That’s why there’s so many members.


Agree! There are way too many scammers and a lot of people fall for “empty” exposure.


Reply to @ceceliavo: Indeed. Some people see something and make an impulse buy. Making too many of those will land you in the poor house with nothing to show.


I completely agree with you. I see a lot of those pre-made video intros and what not. I know when I’ve looked for an actual custom video intro it couldn’t be found…I got flooded with messages from people with the same cookie cutter shape…


Very good point. Sellers probably use video templates because they’re easy money. To do a custom video is rare and takes a lot of work. For $4 profit, some people can be pretty demanding. I bought a gig over a year ago for a custom video intro, and it was nowhere close to what I wanted, but I didn’t complain. But yeah, there’s a lot of gigs that are very questionable. I would love to have my flyers passed out, but I’m not that naive to believe that 200 flyers will actually get put up without real proof. So, I put my own flyers up at my school, and other local businesses that have bulletin boards. Its like that old saying, if you want something done right, do it yourself.


Reply to @ceceliavo: That’s how it is.


Reply to @musiclover: Good points, Nakita. I just started a new social media thread on this forum. Check it out. I have a reference to yours :wink:


I agree to all the points that are stated above

but the question is

do people actually buy gigs that ‘invite you’ to a group with 300k+ people?


Reply to @hotwebideas: Hey I just checked it out and commented. Thanks.


Reply to @princemaxx: People with little to no experience in internet marketing.


Reply to @musiclover: Can you message me on fiverr with few links to gigs that got sold? Sorry but I need to see it to believe it


Thanks for the heads up


Reply to @princemaxx: Just PM’d you. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’m looking now. :slight_smile:


Reply to @mayuracw: Yeah. Cuz I hate when my friends add me to groups. Its very annoying, I immediately remove myself. And I’m sure that’s what most people do, especially if the group isn’t targeted to their interests.