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Beware of scam letter from "Mrs Eunice Paul"

I got a letter in my inbox from a Mrs Eunice Paul who is dying of cancer in a hospital in
Africa and wants to give away her 2.9 million dollars to someone.

This is a scam. Anyone who gets this alert customer support about it. Do not reply at all to this letter. Do not respond to the email address she includes. Just a warning.

Yes, I got this letter also .
But I asked why she selected me.

And I dont want to respond her mail address.

Please do something also


She chose people who post on the forum to send it to. It was a way to get some sellers names to send the letter to. She thinks that people who post on the forum going to respond.

I am agree with you .

Does anyone really get fooled by these scams? We have had them from the late 1990s, when the internet was new…still the same thing, same technique…

I’m sure some still do. Strange to have it happen here though.

In South Africa we get this all the time, since we don’t have a law prohibiting, or at least controlling the sale of personal information such as emails and cell phone numbers. In fact, collecting and selling personal info is a thriving industry here, hence the prevalence of 419 scams.

And incredibly, people are still falling for them too.

It’s not the first time, though. Remember the ‘dying priest’ sometime last year?

It seems to be an accepted cottage industry in some regions.

Will you mind sharing the real letter here on forum so that i can read it

Why? It has the email address. Someone might write to it.

No, was a dying priest giving away his millions?

He was giving out a lot more!

EDIT: I just typed ‘dying priest’ in the search box, and found two threads about it (the ‘priest’ was still bleeding from an open heart surgery while messaging Fiverr users):

haha thanks for sharing that, a priest still bleeding from open heart surgery five months earlier–that’s one tough Priest!-- opens a fiverr account to find someone to give millions to and it was also 2.9 million dollars.

Do you think it could be the same person? :smiley:

Yes it does sound like it! Same amount of money.

I became a Priest after that just to earn that kind of money. Unfortunately after my long haul through seminary and vows and all that, I found out the pay wasn’t quite that much. I knew I shouldn’t have believed that guy!

sarahmartin1 - Not a good idea. @misscrystal wouldn’t endanger forum readers by doing that and if someone else did it, it would simply be removed. If you want to read letters of that nature just look them up on Snopes or google them. There are plenty to be found.

I am having much moneys and many cashing to share with you. In facto, I am the wife of PRINCE LEIUETENTA ERNESTO BOLIVINGORS, the formerly director of the NATIOANL BANK of EUTHANAAISA.

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Eunasty Paul

Reply to @fonthaunt and @emmaki i now understand. Thank You for explaining it