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Beware of Scammer Buyers


In the last few days I’ve had two orders on different gigs where Fiverr support has cancelled the order. I asked support about it and this was their reply…


The transactions referred to were cancelled due to alerts from our security department. Alerts can result from a chargeback of the payment by the buyer, an alert from our payment vendor, or an alert from other users within our network of suspicious buyer activity. In such cases we may be required to cancel a transaction or put it on hold for your own protection (for example - stolen credit card, other fraud activities...). This is part of the service we provide to maintain a safe environment for our users. We appreciate your understanding.


When I click on the order the buyer's Fiverr profile has totally disappeared. Does anyone know if these cancellations will count against me?

Has this happened to you before?

It's all very annoying one of the orders I delivered and even got a positive review from this "scammer buyer" but now they have stolen the time it took to deliver my gig, the earnings from my gig and wrecked my cancellation ratio.

The forum has quite a few threads with people having this issue, and unfortunately there’s nothing they or Fiverr can do about it. If money is transferred from a stolen credit card it will be returned to the owner, the same way funds won’t transfer to an online gambling company because some a*****e has stolen your new credit card out of the mail to use. The banks refuse the payment, Fiverr ban the user, and the seller is left high, dry, and conned. NOT looking forward to my first fraud experience.

Just now had one of my order which was delivered and marked complete got cancelled saying dispute…

It’s a sad situation. Today I’ve just noticed Fiverr has changed around the menus. Why do big online companies always want to change the look of their site every few months.

This is a way to get scammers get you to work for nothing. A waste of time.

Hi everyone this is my story just happened today, one of the fiverr seller/buyer has bought one of my facebook promotion gig 6 days ago for promoting his logo gig and i have delivered the order perfectly with screenshots as a proof. But the seller said he is not satisfied with my service so do it again. I have done the same process again and redelivered. Now what he saying that still he is not satisfied if you mark this order as completed he will post a negative feedback. So for maintaining my rating i just mutually cancelled the order. So guys please be careful, its really a waste of time for sellers like us, because i am doing this posting jobs manually without the help of any autoposting software to get best results for the buyers…So just keep away from these type of seller/buyer, really not trustworthy…(buyer name removed)

Reply to @sajilpl: Sorry to hear about your bad experience. You might want to remove the name of the user you are calling out before sheriffs fragglesrock it, as it’s against the forum rules to do so.

I had a similar issue today, where a buyer basically tried to cancel as soon as it was delivered, despite delivering exactly what was in the listing. I’ve contacted support to have a third party look into this. Looking further at his chat long it seems like he never had any intention of paying most likely due to a stolen paypal. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated

Yes, that also happen to me. got cancelled saying dispute… and make minus balance

but how we recognize scam or not?

I have two really suspicious orders come through, bad spelling, terrible grammar, bio not filled out, ordered full gig extras.

What is a good way to weed them out so they feel compelled to follow through on their order. Or I could cancel on grounds of suspicion!

Ok so I cancelled them with this wording…

I have a policy of not selling to people who have not filled out their fiverr profiles and do not have a strong command of the english language.

They better not decline my cancellation or I’ll have kittens!

Some buyers are not native English speakers. That’s not suspicious.

The way you worded your cancellation may be seen as discriminatory.

I agree I could have worded it better but in my anxious state to get something done quickly about it that’s what I put.

One of them agreed to cancel just now yay.

I agree I was too harsh re the english but equally as suspicious is a profile that has nothing, no words whatsoever.

Reply to @catwriter: While it could’ve been worded a little more diplomatically, there is nothing wrong with refusing to buy from people who do not possess sufficient grasp of the English language.

After all, you need to ensure proper communication and if that seems to be an issue, you’re better off not doing this. In fact, this very reason is why Fiverr allows you to put your languages in your profile.

It would be better if you could also mark how proficient you are, to prevent this sort of thing at all.

oh dear the second order declined my cancellation, with no words, clearly he/she is a scammer!

Reply to @creativeman: If so, communicate with the seller. State that you want a mutual cancellation which will not affect their ratings.

If they keep declining your cancellation, and allow the timer to run, they will run late eventually. Once their order reaches 24 hours late, you can cancel automatically for them being late. At this point, they receive negative feedback.

So give them the option of mutual cancellation and no harm done, or one-sided a week later at the cost of their ratings. Their choice.

You don’t understand I’m the seller here not the buyer.

I just told them how it is…

This is the problem I have, I’ve had too many people trying to scam me and cancel orders and run away with my products. The fact that you haven’t filled out your profile, you haven’t responded how most people would respond and you declined my cancellation is making it very hard for me to trust you.

Reply to @creativeman: Ah the seller - in that case you are in a bit of a pickle since you have close to no protection. I’d suggest completing the order as close as possible to specifications, because cancellations that are not mutual will hurt your rating.

I man I’m having kittens right now, they have now uploaded a photo of an attractive woman and a bio that is so fake it sickens me.

laughingcrow said: cancellations that are not mutual will hurt your rating.

I initiated the cancellation.... hmm I may have to let this buyer get the order then