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Beware of Scammers... I just ran into one


So a few days ago, I paid for a premium package for a certain seller to design a new logo for my new company. One of the logos I received, I did a reverse image search on google for it after being sent such clip-art, conventional emblems. Turns out the logo is almost identical to another small business’s logo (on their website)… and I don’t mean similar, I mean even the fine details in the logo are identical. The seller simply added a basic oval shape to the bottom of the logo and sent it to me. I told him I wanted a refund and that he could have gotten me sued if I had unknowingly used the logo. He denies this and cancels my refund, just keeps asking me to give him info to make a new logo. I’m not sure if he stole the logo from that other company or just picked it out from a catalog of pre-made free logos. Either way, I gave him money and he sent me an existing logo with a minor adjustment. Crazy thing is, this gig of his has over 6k reviews with 97% rating. To anyone who left a negative review, he replies with the exact same thing: “you didn’t read my gig’s description.” Submitted a ticket to Fiverr support, now waiting for their reply. What a dreadful experience.


It’s an unfortunate situation. It’s also unfortunate that if this person is top rated seller and is coping and pasting he’s fooling everyone and making money doing it.


That is really bad to get this type of behavior from a professional seller. Please look into new sellers, they have exceptional talent.


Yeah - I’m as frustrated with this problem as you are. As an illustrator, I know how much work goes into graphic art, and I also know these frauds are on Fiverr reselling someone else’s hard work as their own. Worse yet, I’ve seen actual top rated sellers who exhibit this type of activity, selling logos that are NOT theirs. It denigrates the badge, cheapens my craft, and makes all sellers on Fiverr look bad.


It depends on definition of “scammer”, but I have found that probably the majority of people I´ve bought from on fiverr did not do a good job. Putting it mildly.

Right now, I´ve got a major problem with someone contracted to install ssl on my site. It´s been going on a week This morning he submitted “Order completed” . with my website messed up. Garbled on Firefox. I think he does not know any more about it than I do. He gets a job, based on his “huge experience”, then learns how to do it as he goes along. Only, ssl is slightly more complicated. Hence the mess.

You then try to contact fiverr, not yet to complain but to hold off with the Order Completed rating. But I can´t find any way to contact fiverr. If anyone knows how to contact fiverr, I´d appreciate them telling me!!


You´d get 100 replies. “Huge experience in design and build nuclear power plants” “Born in a nuclear power plant - I love them to bits” " have designed and 2743 nuclear power plants"
“What colour do you want? Green with pink polka dots very fashionable”


Well, this answer my question, as nobody answer my question in the only one new thread I did.

Now, I fear to get scammed here, I can’t do business this way.


Well, this answer my question, as nobody answer my question in the only one new thread I did.

Now, I fear to get scammed here, I can’t do business this way.

Oh, btw Fiverr seems to has a bug, it don’t save the profile texts description, so can’t present myself, so, that all this, prevent me to buy art work, because I thinks, hell, how many others bugs will be there…


My problem is my simple logo designer wants more money for a “copyright assignment” I can’t use it in interstate commerce it’s useless to me. And to whoever made it simple in a previous post “simply Google” to get contact info. Shouldn’t it actually be on here somewhere? I found a support page with no way of contacting anyone. This is pretty much a scam when they design… You approve and after-the-fact try to sell you copyright…


For those asking how to contact Customer Support: