BEWARE of seller 'fragglesrock' - SCAM


For anyone looking to buy photography/3D rendering from Fragglesrock - STOP!

I sent him a product 6 weeks ago to be photographed - he quoted me 24 hours… for 4 weeks I received non stop excuses and set backs and minimal communication - I then cancelled the order and asked for the product to be sent back to me - he then insisted on completing the project and sent me several very poor quality photos of the product upside down - still no delivery I have been asking for the last week to send the product back only to further excuses as to why he hasn’t been able to provide a DHL quote or post it back - he is no longer replying…

This guy is looking for a way to make some money by scamming people - he has no intention of delivering the work and if you send him anything to photograph he will stall you as long as he can and refuse to send the product back…

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Sheriff’s Note: Second warning.


I’m a bit confused of what the scam is. You cancelled the order and got a refund, right? So if you cancelled and got a refund, where is the scam?

Granted after the cancellation he may of promised something else, but if there was no money involved after the refund, than no scam. Broken promise, yes, but unless I misunderstood your post above, a scam, I think not.


@steveeyes The buyer is complaining that the seller did not return / is not returning / may never return the buyer’s property.