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Beware of seller *******!

guys please help me with this! i submitted my order with this person for 490$ and now he’s not responding!! please help me out I’m devestated i paid so much money

How long has it been since you were in contact with them?

You can cancel your order, contact with fiverr support team.

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thank you so much! the customer support section is not working for me,

do i have to go through a dispute process?

You might not actually be able to cancel.
Is the order due to be delivered yet?
Has the order been delivered?
When did you last contact them?

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he was providing me with complete crap and when asked to rewrite he stopped responding

this is incredibly not fair i paid 490$ and he’s not doing the job he’s supposed to do :frowning:

this is all the money i have I’m absolutely devastated!! i thought fiver was a safe platform but this is incredibly disappointing

When was the order delivered and did you ask for changes using the “request modifications” button?

You have given very little info about the actual situation so it is difficult to judge.
Use this direct link to submit a ticket to Customer service:
It can sometimes take 24 hours for a resonse.

read this fiverr order cancellation article…

may be it will help for you…

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the order time has not ended yet
he wrote me stuff that was simply 1 grade level english, i asked him to rewritee he did an even worse job then he stopped responding and now he cam back to tell me that basically i can do whatever i want
he seems to be confident that hell get away with it thats why I’m so worried

is it possible that all the reviews on his page are fake? [name removed] because the level of writing is absolute rubbish its unbelievably bad and he’s supposed to be a level 2 seller with amazing reviews

Fiverr CS favors buyers, so I am pretty confident you will get your money back if the seller is not delivering according to the description. That being said, I would hope you did a little research before forking over $490…

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i trusted the reviews which i assumed cannot be fake? the guy is also supposed to be level 2 seller

Then I imagine you’ll be okay. It might be an issue of patience?

As the order is not finished, you could request a cancellation from the seller which is the first thing CS will tell you to do if you have not done so already.
Was the order marked as “delivered” by the seller? If so, make sure you request a revision to stop the order from auto-completing after 3 days.

Did the seller deliver $490 worth of content or just a small amount? ie. was the amount of work you received the quantity you paid for, even if the quality was poor?

PS: When you contact customer support, you need to be much clearer about what you are asking for. Just saying “help” will not get much of a result.

  • Explain the problem
  • show evidence of the problem
  • say what you want to happen
    1-3 sentences in each one along with an image or a file with the problematic work, will do

@daniaabdeen, I know first hand from a recent order that CS cannot force you to accept an order you are unhappy with. It appears you can use the “request revisions” button to force some kind of resolution, either a cancellation or a satisfactory revision.

the amount was definitely not the quantity i paid for

i asked him 4 times so far and he’s simply not answering me directly and keeps saying that he’s “trying”

the quality is absolutely piss poor… so bad

It is obviously not your fault as such, but I would never commit to spending almost $500 with someone for a subjective service like he offers unless I had done a smaller trial order first.

your absolutely correct…live and learn i guess

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im also wondering, when the order is cancelled, is there a way to get my money back or will it just go to the fiver balance?

If my mental arithmetic is correct, you paid for approx 50,000 words?

If the order is cancelled, the money goes to your Fiverr balance which you can request support to refund to the payment source - it doesnt go back automatically.