Beware of Sellers Requesting Order Cancellation - Cant provide negative feedback


I had a bad experience with a seller [Fragglesrock] - cancelled my order twice and denied the original agreement they made with me. Fiverr has them down as top rated seller because they know how to block negative feedback. I didnt know this so I was unable to provide feedback for other buyers - buyers beware of sellers that do bad biz then request you to cancel - once you cancel mutually you cannot provide negative feedback. Im not a hater, this seller screwed me and I couldnt warn others. Pls be careful before you mutually cancel. Thanks & Happy Buying :slight_smile:


Reply to @itsyourthing: If a buyer complains about a seller, you get the buyers side without the seller here to defend themselves or tell their side of the story. Same when a seller complains about a buyer – you get one side of the story. So when there is a one sided complaint posted, why are you not saying “let he among you who is without sin cast the fist stone” After all, the complainer is throwing stones at someone who is not even here to defend themselves or tell their side of the story. For me, that is just as sinful.


umm wow…


I don’t know why sellers are always ready to attack buyers on this forum. They “didn’t read the TOS” - and that’s a reason to get nasty? Go do a count of how many sellers are selling LOADS of gigs that are exactly against Fiverr TOS! Don’t be a hypocrite.

Yes, Fiverr is set up to generally favor the buyer, BUT, it is certainly possible that the reason a buyer wants to leave negative feedback is because the seller was so bad they didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t actually produce the work that was ordered. I personally would like to know that a buyer is difficult to even start working with, than find out after I’ve placed an order and am stuck wasting time to see what will happen.

I’m not a religious person but “let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone”.


Reply to @catwriter: Unfortunately,you only see the positive ones :slight_smile:


You can’t post usernames on the boards.

And you technically can’t rate a gig that was cancelled.


Reply to @catwriter: I guess I should of been more specific…sorry. What I meant or should of said the feedback should be just like it is for sellers.

I’m also a buyer on Fiverr and I get to rate the buyer with the star system and also leave a comment. Just like the star rating and comment shows up in a seller’s gig along with an overall star rating, the star rating and overall rating should show up for buyer’s as well.

I know the overall rating can be a biggie. When I’m shopping for a seller, I look at the overall rating and if it is 3 stars or less I move on without reading their profile. If I find several sellers with 4 or 5 stars, I will read their feed back as well before deciding which one to buy from.



Reply to @steveeyes: Actually, when you click on the buyer’s profile, you do see the feedback he or she received.

And when you click on OP’s profile, you see naming and shaming of a seller as a profile description.


I think after reading this there is more to the story :confused:


There is a name for buyers like you "Buyer’s greed"

When sellers feedback starts to show up on Buyer’s profile, come talk to us. Otherwise, you can’t have it both ways. Maybe the seller cancelled because you are a lousy buyer – but the seller doesn’t get a chance to let the world know what a lousy buyer you are yet you want to try to ruin the seller’s reputation – maybe some day buyers feedback will show up in their profile and the playing field will be even. Until then…you got your refund – if that isn’t enough – here is some milk to cry in.


You can either cancel and get a refund, or leave negative feedback. You can’t do both.


You are a real genius . Why don’t you read the TOS before posting ? You are not allowed to call out names here. I can only assume that you didn’t read the description of that seller’s gig too. Also, ‘’ Fiverr has them down as top rated seller because they know how to block negative feedback. ‘’ ?? Really ? That’s actually a feature on fiverr.


Reply to @steveeyes: I point out the possible rationale in defense of buyers or sellers on the forum if no-one else has presented the ‘other side’ of the coin.

In this instance the OP was called names and blatantly attacked. If you read the post (at face value, without being defensive) the buyer is simply saying that dealing with that particular seller was so difficult that they couldn’t get their order completed and that there is no way within the Fiverr system to let anyone else know how difficult it was.

In the ‘real world’ if you pay a deposit to a plumber for some work to be done in three days, but the plumber never shows up, won’t answer their phone or open their door, I’m pretty sure you’d be telling everyone you know how terrible that plumber is - whether you ever got your deposit back or not. It shouldn’t be any different on Fiverr.


Reply to @itsyourthing: Again, what the poster said above is his or her side of the story. They can say the seller was difficult or they could not get their order completed, etc, but without knowing the sellers side of the story we don’t know where the fault lies or the reasons why the seller did not fill the order. There could be a very valid reason.

When the poster above says

"cancelled my order twice and denied the original agreement they made with me."

There may be a very valid reason why the seller cancelled it twice and I have no idea, nor do you, what the original agreement was. Until we hear both sides of the story, we are getting only what the above person wants us to hear.

You are wrong about the plumber or at least in my case. Complaining to the world isn’t going tell me why the other side didn’t uphold their end of the bargain. If I had a plumber who didn’t show up, I would NOT be telling the world. I would be calling the plumbers boss or company to find out what happen. It should be no different here. When we hear one side of the story and don’t know the other side, fiverr is the only one who can check out both sides and decide if the complaint is indeed valid or not. Otherwise, we are getting words being posted that is going to favor their point of view without the benefit of knowing if the other side had valid reasons or in some cases the other sides story could be completing different from what was posted. The point is, we don’t know – ONLY FIVERR KNOWS.


Reply to @steveeyes: It’s not worth arguing about. Yes, buyers can crap talk about sellers and vice versa. It happens both ways, all over the forum. My original point is that in either case, and from any party involved or invited into the issue, name calling doesn’t help the situation.

You felt perfectly validated in saying the OP is a “lousy” & “greedy” buyer, but took umbrage at their implication of a seller being shady when for all you know, the seller is Supreme ShadeMaster of Shadyland.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’m not the critical thinking police.


Reply to @itsyourthing: That’s my point – maybe the reason the seller cancelled is because they were a lousy buyer – again, looking at the other side of the coin. Since we don’t have the sellers side of story, but we do have the buyers one sided story without any proof or validity, there is nothing wrong with stating other possibilities. As they say “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of kitchen” So if someone is going to come on the forum and knock someone who is not here to defend themselves (how come you don’t take umbrage to that?), expect some heat. That’s a far cry from how you were trying to misuse my words.

As far as them wanting it both ways – get a refund and still be able to give a negative review – hopefully you even agree this is wrong, but maybe not.

So please don’t misuse my words to try to justify why it is ok for you to knock sellers but it isn’t ok if someone knocks buyers who attack those who are not here to defend themselves. It is up to you if you want to knock sellers when you haven’t heard both sides of the story (I seen other similar posts by you) as long as it is ok that I and others can state other possibilities of why a seller did what they did – especially since all we got is the bias one sided story from the buyer.

When you said “for all you know, the seller is Supreme ShadeMaster of Shadyland” I could also say “for all you know the buyer who posted here are Supreme ShadeMaster of Shadyland whose Shadiness may be a bit bias since we have not heard the sellers side of the story” But if you want to believe all buyers complaints about sellers on the forum is up and up when you haven’t heard the seller’s side of the story, that’s your prerogative

Like you said above “I don’t know why sellers are always ready to attack buyers on this forum … Don’t be a hypocrite.” the same could be said of you "I don’t know why you are always ready to take the word of buyers over sellers when the seller is not here to defend themselves and attack those who do"

But you are right about one thing, it isn’t worth arguing about, so it ends here, unless you have more to say.




For reasons unknown, I am “blocked” from making a direct reply to @steveeyes. All I wanted to say was that I don’t have a bias towards buyers, just that there are far more sellers who use the forum, so buyer bashing is more common and therefore more likely to be one-sided.

I don’t have a foolproof solution to the refund/feedback issue, but I do know that the reasons any user can deserve negative feedback can be the very reasons why an order never got completed.

So yeah. fin :slight_smile:


Reply to @itsyourthing: ok…peace

Good luck


Reply to @cre8iveartwork: Bloody str8. Well said sir. I for one am getting sick and tired of buyers purchasing gigs and failing to READ the seller’s description. Then coming here to whine and complain. “Oh cry cry, seller xxxx didn’t deliver my gig how I wanted it.” I would love to see a rating system for the buyers which will allow us sellers to have the option not to work for those who have earned themselves a poor reputation as buyers.

Craig Scott