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Beware of SEO cheater fragglesrock


fragglesrock seo seller marked gig complete claiming he needs money fist to start SEO and I did then I wait 4 months with no results with him making up excuses and after I waited 4 months he didn’t even rank one of my keywords he just took the money and did nothing and cheater fiverr did nothing about it. He only ranked it page 8 and it turned out it was a keyword that gets 0 monthly searches a month! He stole $45 from me and gave me fake worthless keyword!

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out other users is not allowed. Spamming the forum by posting the same thing more than once is not allowed either. Please follow the rules. Thank you.


You’re not allowed to call out other users. If its a problem you’re have you need to contact the seller about the issue to try to get it resolved. If they can’t do anything, contact Customer Support.