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Beware of stereotype sellers

It hurts me deeply to observe that people debase themselves and hide their identity just to tarnish the image of an organization that took years for group of brains to put together all in the name of daily bread and their selfish interest.

Surprisingly, some innocent buyers fall prey to this stereotype seller; people hiding themselves to present themselves and at the long run giving fiverr bad names. Most often than not, these sets of seller set up gigs they have little or no skill about with good number of reviews just to lure and extort the hard earn cash of innocent buyers and at the long run delivering substandard job.

My single advice to prospecting buyer(s): Before ordering a gig from any seller no matter the niche, make sure you take the time to navigate his/her page, going through each detail of his/her description and do not allow the accumulated number of review to blind your sense of reasons because they may be stereotyped. Ha! It seems I’ve used the word “stereotype” so much in this short article. Yes! That’s the point I’m trying to drive.

Fellow sellers, what do you think? What’s your own suggestion or advice to our amiable buyers?

Well, this is an unfortunate Inigo Montoya moment if ever I saw one.

Hahaha. What do you mean emmaki?

How did they manage to get good review if they don’t deliver quality works? I think I feel cheated by one of the seller. His English is very poor but he has quite a number of good review. And when he delivered my order, it looks like he doesn’t understand any of my instructions! He just designed the logo the way he likes it, not as what I’ve requested.