Beware of the character-spinners!


I’ve purchased a “great gig” 10 articles for a fiverr, awesome.

Articles looked great and passed copyscape. I was like wow what a great service.

I was about to post one of the articles on my blog, but the text looked slightly different.

I started digging for answers and it lead me to a couple of tools and services that offer character-spinning.

I was able to clean the text, and sure enough copyscape showed me that its from ezine.

If you want original articles and you don’t want to ruin you reputation. Double check everything.

I hope it saves the headache for someone.


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Very good point,skynandi! Most buyers blindly buy what ‘seems’ like a great article. There are many article writing Gigs on fiverr that are just the result of article spinning. One should always check the articles thoroughly, before publishing them.


I sugget you check out my gig. 1000’s sold and 100% positive feedback. 2 articles for the money too. Unspun and unique :slight_smile:


There are a lot of sellers using this method to get over on folks. Its so sad & pathethic. Fiverr is full of shady sellers and blackhat tricks. Smdh.


One of the biggest pet peeves of mine… article spinners. I really detest them — it gives real writers (like myself); those who actually have a degree in writing or a real knack for it, a bad name! It’s a shame you had to deal with that… As echoed by the others above, always double check the work!


I’m not sure what’s worse a buyer expecting 10 ‘Unique’ articles for $5, or the seller selling them…


I am a seller and have experienced a similar problem with a buyer who was asking me to summarize what I thought were his original articles.

On completion of the first summary he gave me a 100% rating. However a few hours later he said that the summary did not meet his expectations. He had expected a rewrite! Or in other words a unique article. In my view that would not have been possible because that would be article spinning and I am not a fan of that at all.

Moreover I discovered that the second gig that I had accepted in the mean time was by an entirely different author. So there is no way he could have been the original author in the first place. I just cancelled that second order because I will not take part in article spinning or plagiarism.

I so want to contact Support over this!


Re-writing isn’t the same as article spinning 0_o


Ok, you have got a point there. However I am still under the impression that the buyer does not own the intellectual property in this case!

To me it seemed like he wanted to sell other people’s courses!


The only thing spinning will be your head when you purchase my article writing gig and realize how effective an actual writer can be at crafting an article from scratch. Note: sometimes the flour gets in my eyes but I love the smell of a fresh article baking in the oven. :open_mouth:

Please excuse the selfie plug I couldn’t resist. But seriously, gig me.


If it sounds too good to be true…IT IS!!! You can’t really expect someone to write 10 articles for $5!!!


The cheapest content writer I know that actually delivers great and readable work costs 1$ per 100 words… and that’s only because I’ve used him on numerous occasions in the last 2 years. Quality comes at a cost! ESPECIALLY when it comes to content.