Beware of these buyers


I would like to create a list of buyers whom you had bad experiences before so other sellers can be aware and avoid being cheated. I do not intend to discriminate but this will just serve as warning. You are still encouraged to use your best judgement in dealing with your buyers. We are all working hard to earn for a living and maintain good reputation but we can’t deny the fact that there are people who wants cheat. Fiverr is really growing and I know we all want it to be a fair market place. There are still a lot of good buyers who know how to appreciate our work and are easy to deal with so please be cautious too in putting names. There must be a solid reason.


As others have said before. This is not a good idea and is against the forum rules. If you have gone as far as you can with trying to resolve things with the buyer head over to the customer support team and give them a heads up of your concerns


Yes, though I think fiverr customer support usually handles and bans the scammers.


Reply to @lolacey: yes, but there are still those who exist.


Reply to @beyondwebpros: Every barrel has a few bad apples and the minute those are weeded out, another one appears. One of CS’s job is to deal with them, I’d rather let them do it. :smiley:


That is an excellent idea! But I think that is the work for the customer service.So, leave the fuss to them. That’s its job isn’t it!



Reply to @crcanny: yes, I agree that we have the CS and they have been very helpful but I thought as Fiverr Sellers, we can also contribute in our own little ways to protect our source of income. Reporting the scammer to CS is the best thing to do but would’nt it be good as well if we are proactive rather than reactive. Just a thought. :slight_smile:


I think it is unfair to tar a buyer for one bad transaction. How would you, as a seller, feel if it were the other way round?

I know of buyers who have had hell in places, but been a delight for others. There are too many factors to account to categorize them as “bad” for everybody.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Well, we may have varying opinions, but I’m sure we all have a common goal. If this list is not feasible, Fiverr perhaps should review the buyer’s feedback system. I’m not sure if its working okay… I guess it would be better if they also have a level badges and the reviews can be seen publicly. I may have to put this in the suggestion box. :slight_smile:


Perhaps everyone can nominate a bad buyer, and then we can discuss about that spectacular person.


I think that will be more fair and justified.


I do believe users should have a buyer feedback as well, that is a good idea - but I do not believe naming and shaming, and talking negatively about people on a public forum is a great idea.


Reply to @twistedweb123: I understand your point, that’s why I have said that there should be a solid reason and fair judgment as a seller too, that you have been cheated. I agree that it’s not good to tar a buyer for one bad transaction but it would also be unfair to us, sellers to put a bad review or request for refund for something that we have really worked hard for. I’m not generalizing too. Buyers are our lifeblood, if not for them, our gigs would not even matter. We as sellers are being rated for our performance and it can be seen in every gig we have. This protect the buyers from bad sellers. What protection do we have from them? Ofcourse, we have the CS to help us and they have been really really good. But what if for some reason, they dont? What other courses of actions do we have? If there could be a better way to do it, then I would not even push for this idea and I will go for it, 100%. :slight_smile:


Reply to @hdxd159: That sounds good too.


Id like the same thing, but the other way around:

beware of these sellers

  • Just because Ive ordered some work and a few seller did not ever response after their dead line. This kind of behavior is really very amateur kind of stuff.

    You pay and get nothing. These guys should be banned for a while, I think.



Thank you for your feedback. If this would not be possible, that’s perfectly fine with me as I’m already doing well with my gigs and very much experienced in handling this kind of situation. I just thought that this idea might help other sellers but I guess there would be another way to help. Cheers! :slight_smile:


Been suggested soooooooo many times and been shot down every time. Never gonna happen dude.