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Beware of these buyers!

I consistently receive orders from buyers who need eBook (or other item) reviews. So I PURCHASE their eBook and begin reading. The buyer then asks me to “wait a few days after purchase” to deliver the gig but CANCELS the order and says that I failed to deliver it on time, dragging down my 100% positive rating.

I do not mind a negative review if I deserve it, but some buyers are just deceptive and want you to purchase their eBook and never pay you for your services. I’m aware that I could “deliver” the work on Fiverr before it’s completed, but this is what happens when you have a bit of trust.

I learned the hard way, if it goes over 24 hours late, CANCEL, no questions asked. automatic reviews from buyers canceling is a fast and easy way to get your rating down!!

If it’s Amazon, you can return the e-book. I’m not sure how long you have to return it, though. I would check into that. Honestly, though, if someone wants an e-book review, make them provide you a .pdf or .mobi copy to review. There’s no reason a writer should not be doing that anyway. If an author goes to a blog for reviews they have to submit a copy anyway. Most blogs will not buy. No reason for you to spend your money for the pleasure of doing work for them. That alone will keep people from doing the buy-my-book-now-I-cancel trick. If the buyer tells you they can’t provide a copy, they’re not being honest with you and you know they’ll scam you.

Reply to @holledolce: The reason they are doing it that way, is because technically paid reviews are illegal on Amazon to begin with. But they think they are getting around it by having someone buy their book so they can give a verified buyer review so it seems legit.

It kind of sounds like what’s happening is that the time on the order is running out before you have a chance to post the review, giving the buyer the opportunity to cancel (and leave a negative review, but many buyers don’t realize that cancelling when an order is fully late leaves an automatic negative review that says “cancelled order! Seller failed to deliver on time!”)

I dunno if this would actually be helpful, but I might suggest, if you have an extra to go and buy the e-book, you also make it tack on a few days so you have some buffer before the order goes late.