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Beware of these types of Buyer Requests

Hi, Fiverr sellers. This message is aimed primarily at newer sellers, but veteran sellers can benefit. If you ever see the words ‘if I like your work I will have lots of work in the future for you’ in a buyer request, I would hazard this is a scam, and a false promise used by a manipulative buyer to get you to undervalue your work. When your work is good enough to sell, you don’t need to throw it away for pennies on the promise that same person will pay you a better price later. They will use you and drop you.

NEVER do work for free. If a Buyer Request asks for a sample or audition, do it on your terms with your material, and not with theirs.


Yeah, No free samples :+1::+1::smile:


I denied a buyer few days ago :smiley: who asked me to create free demo sample of unicorn and then if he would like he would give me 300 of them to create :smiley: