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Beware of this buyer


Yaaaaaauuup!!! I’m goin HAM!!!

Right here … right on this post!

If you get an order from fragglesrock – Do your best to mutually cancel. Tell them your head just got cut off and you can’t deliver in time. Otherwise , this is what you will get.

We are sending you the script and the website.
[His website here]]

The script looks great. I'll make you a fantastic video with this. It will either be tonight or tomorrow night I sit down and to fiverr vids. - Thanks again!
Thanks so much! Can't wait!

His response is below --

Great job! However (lol) I think there was a misunderstanding. I wanted you to do a testimonial about using our service. I added the script to give you more insight about us.

MY Reponse:
I did a lot of work for $4. The only way I'm going to do this again is if you put in two more orders $10 so I write the script and redo the video or you come up with a script and I'll do a re-take for one more order.
On errors that lie on my behalf , I give free re-takes. This is definitely not my fault and I'm sorry it happened.
PS: Script writing is not hard , its time consuming and thats why I charge. I thought since you included a script , and I said it looks great , that I would be reading your script and didn't ask you to order a 2nd gig for me to write one for you.
Let me know what you want to do going forward.
Either $10 for a whole re-take , my script..
Or $5 if you write one and I'll re-do the video.


((Thumbs Down)) -- No words.

My response after that?
Lets just say I'm setting up a website , which I plan to SEO optimize to rank just above his site titled
Cause I've got a lot of time on my hands and I know how... and I hate stupid people and people that don't give a damn about someone this jerk.

I've contacted support as it's clearly a misunderstanding ON HIS PART.
First he didn't order 2 gigs for me to write the script.
(thanks Fiverr for making this hard still and not leveling me yet as I bring in $200+ a month for you)

He actually includes a script .. which I review and say it looks great! That means one order is fine .. and I used his script that he provided..

It takes a real moron to leave out the part "Oh don't use this script" in that initial message.
It also takes a real moron to not order the 2nd gig as I make it stupidly clear in my intro vid and gig description.
* For those of you who will say Humans make mistakes - Just substitute "moron" for Human.
Humans make mistakes.. but how many times can you make a mistake in one order before I can call you a moron?