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Beware of this guy "**********" edited

beware of this guy I completed her order but he did not order it and even blocked me… (instead of after claiming that really liked my work…
she said I quoted >

“Hi, Thanks for bidding on my request. My budget is 100$. Look at the picture ‘‘1’’ and the ‘‘sample’’ I liked the hand concept in the picture 1 and I want that hand included in the picture sample. I have only an hour and I want this done within an hour. Do it and show me the sample picture. If I like that, I’ll place the order at the moment. Thanks.”

the buyer is
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From my experience, Think twice before accepting “Very Urgent” project from client.
Most of it is a scam or we won’t able to deliver the result like a standart we usually have because of preasure tight time deadline.


Naming and shaming isn’t allowed on the forum.

Did you know that Fiverr strongly advises sellers never to start working until the buyer actually places the order?


You did work for a buyer even before they placed an actual order with you? Whaaa? :roll_eyes:

I am sorry but that’s on you… Not the buyer.


often buyers want to have a sample of required work its up to you that you provide a sample or required work…

So, you only worked on that one sample image… Nothing more? Because your initial comment didn’t sound like that was the case…

Also, I’d suggest that you don’t work on samples for prospective buyers. Instead, create a portfolio showcasing your previous work (on one of the websites allowed by Fiverr) and be sure to show a wide variety of skills and talent in your portfolio samples. If someone were to contact me and ask for a sample, I’d direct them to these portfolio samples of mine so that they can make up their mind based on what they see.

Ok, if you worked on only a sample and if the buyer did not return back to place an order with you, that would mean that the buyer was probably not impressed with the sample you sent them and that they didn’t want to give you the actual job.

So what? No seller can possibly impress every buyer! There will always be such kinda buyers out there who will never be satisfied with what you have to offer.

Instead of making a big deal out of it, just move on dude.

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That’s what a portfolio is for.

Or, you can send them a custom offer for a small sample. If they’re not willing to pay $5 or $10 for a sample, but want bigger work, they’re either not serious about the whole thing, or want to get your work for free.


sample of required work not my portfolio sample…:disappointed:

Send him a custom offer for a small sample.

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As well as what the others have said, if you do ever provide them with a sample free of charge, make sure it’s watermarked.

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@uk1000 fiverr watermark is on every image that we send…

It depends whether you enable it for a gig.

Also, Fiverr says " Activating this feature automatically adds the Fiverr watermark to the images in the Order page and to your portfolio on your Gig page.". I don’t see where it says it appears on messages.

If the image was sent in a message (not an order page) surely it wouldn’t automatically have been watermarked.

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i think if i keep such behavior so it effects my orders…

How do you provide a writing sample? I think that a sample article provided to a prospective buyer can be misused by them. I wanted to put my blog link on my description but the url is against the TOS and I removed the google drive links of my unpublished articles which I put on my gig description after a buyer asked for a sample, I told him to look into those google drive links and he vanished without even a text message.

Send generic writing samples in a PDF.


You could write something original (not work done for a past buyer) and put it in a …PDF - or maybe watermarked image. I’m not sure if you can watermark a .pdf but maybe you could make it harder to copy from it.


Yeah, you could watermark a word document and then convert it to PDF. :+1:

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Sure. I would do that.


You said " I completed her order but he did not order it"

Does that mean that you provided the work via attachment to a message? It sounds like you wanted to help the Seller with their urgent need, and then they did not place an order to properly pay for it.

Your heart is in the right place. Unfortunately, there are some Buyers who will try to take advantage of you. So, be sure to create a Custom Offer when you receive a message for custom work in the future. Then, once the order is officially placed, work out the details. Believe in yourself!

Cheers to your growing success!

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Hi @amritamazumder,

May I add to what @fonthaunt and @uk1000 said.

You must secure your PDF so, not only watermak it, but also protect it with password and make it only read file. In this way that who’ll have your sample will have a harder time in the event of trying to cheat.

Simply watermarking in word and then converting it into pdf won’t stop copying the clean content, meaning, the content can be copied without the watermark.

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