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Beware of Trolls....They Will ORDER Then Cancel!

This is specifically for sellers. I have been with this community for just above two weeks now i have had the troll experience. Trolls are those who will ORDER your gig; especially softwares and then cancel with a funny excuse. Meanwhile they already have the software in their possession. This is BAD and I wish there was a way to protect sellers from such persons. There are ways to identify them…and I hope it helps. Such buyers will often ask more than enough and unnecessary questions so as to have a good excuse to cancel; they will take their time to buy; and immediately after payment will start troubling you to deliver.

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Reply to @jennifer_cork: This is a common issue with any type of freelancing. The best way to handle it is to create samples of your work to use yourself for promoting your own products, post your work online, then when someone wants to see a sample, refer them to the URL.

Reply to @jennifer_cork: For ebooks you can always use my favorite method. Save your ebook under a new filename, copy your contents page and then paste it as plain text, then remove everything after the first chapter. On the last page have a link like "Click here to get an ebook like this…"

Save the file as a PDF, then upload to, or other PDF share sites.

It gives you a url to point people to if they want a sample, and also gets you free traffic.

@jamie17: Thanks alot. Thats some helpful pointers. i have already initiated some of those steps. Actually, before joining fiverr, I have never have to provide samples since my clients seasoned ones. Aside that, most unscrupulous writers can easily take a written work and showcase it as their own. To me, the taste of the budding is in the eating.

However, I know use to showcase some of my works.

Thanks again.

Some copycats just place an order to see your instructions ( for their own gigs ) then simply request a mutual cancellation .

You are sure right rodesigners. Never really thought of that; but its bad.

Reply to @jennifer_cork: Jennifer, one way to lower your risks of this issue is to add to your gig description that your software is copyrighted.

Also, when you deliver your gig, add a paragraph to your delivery text that 'by purchasing this software on Fiverr, you agree not to copy and resell our copyrighted product". Adding that will make some sellers think twice.

One more suggestion: Before you deliver, ask the seller some questions of your own like what they are looking for in your software and make sure your software answers all of their needs before you deliver. This way, you can always do a mutual cancellation, if necessary, but as a last resort only.


Thanks Bruce for the tips. Very helpful and they will sure save me and other affected sellers loads of wasted time and pains.

My opinion I think once you deliver a gig to the buyer they can’t cancel if you provided everything in the gig description

Wow, I never knew this happened on fiverr before. Need to beware now

Reply to @shawnecannon: Im not sure about the ability of the buyer to cancel an order after delivery, but Im sure when an order’s already been delivered, the seller is still able to cancel.

Sounds like an issue that needs to be addressed

I am a cartoonist on fiverr and I have a come upon a similar problem.

I have frequently had people asking me for some samples of my work to see if my style and humour fit in with their website or blog.

Even if I refer them back to my gigs profile page to have a look at work samples they have been known to come back and ask again.

Please BEWARE and never give out free samples of your work.


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@fishnchip You are right. That seems to be the game around here; buyers asking for free sample to find out how good you are. I have given out free sample on more than 3 occasions now; and after a prolonged delay, a gig was ordered with the excuse that they were not yet ready. Another asked me to write an ebook; only for to say “not interested” since their site is not yet inorder. By then I ws alomst through with the book.

I have made up my mind NEVER to give out samples again. You either buy the gig or leave it.

Reply to @fishnchip: I don’t think there is a problem with free samples of your work, but make sure the person cannot use it fo rtheir own personal game, like putting a watermark in the sample or if it is a sound file, like my music, I give them a faded in version, usually 20% of the full music, so, in other words, if the song last 5 minutes, I give them only 60 seconds.

@hotwebideas : I think that is an excellent idea! I never really thought of doing it with my ebook project. Thanks for the tip!!!

This is a rare experience–it is similar to problems in retail with shoplifters. The vast majority of people are honest, but you do get a few once in a while that aren’t. If you’ve been on Fiverr for 2 weeks and had one, you probably won’t see one again for several months. Hotwebideas has some good pointers!

@mintyone:Thanks I really hope so because it could be frustrating. However, i Will keep hotwebideas in mind. Its even good it happened so I learn on time. Thanks all for the encouragement.

You really will encounter bogus buyers anywhere you go, especially on a site like this where people do go for cheap stuff. You just have to stay vigilant and be firm about not giving out speculative work (come on, they aren’t even willing to pay $5 when great work can go for no lower than $300 in the industry? :stuck_out_tongue: That’s usually a tell-tale sign that they don’t intend to pay anything at all…) I hope you encounter less and less of those rotten apples. :slight_smile: Good luck!

@itsamellama : Thanks a mil dear. Sure hope so too.