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Beware of Viruses

Be very careful with the Word or PDF files that you receive from new users, I know that it is a topic that has already been discussed here, but lately I have received many of these messages infested by Trojans.

How do you have proof that it’s infected? Did you run a scan through it?

Yes, fortunately I scan everything that users send me before I open it.
It is not the first time that infected files have been sent to me. Different users, after reporting them, Fiverr deletes their accounts, but they keep coming.

As far as I know (I don’t actually work as a programmer so feel free to correct me), there could be a way to embed malicious code in the form of JavaScript into the file, which can get executed when you open it. A good precaution could be to disable Javascript and update your PDF reader; aside from scanning the files.
With that being said, I’m curious about the scan result, especially if it was scanned online.