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Beware of Word Document Viruses in Fiverr


I sent an offer today to a person he want to make a song for his son’s birthday in Buyers request s! He sent me this message saying that he can hire me and I have to check the details in a document . The file is a mircrosot office word document ! Fortunately, my antivirus was active so it detected as a trojan ! But if you open the document you will see this image !

Beware the virus can be sent as part of a Word document.


wow some people can be jerks enough to make from every good thing a bad thing

Thank you for warning us.


Yes unfortunately, welcome :slight_smile:


You can also use to scan any documents you receive before having to open them :slight_smile:


Yes thank you :smiley:


They just change the icon of file but cannot change the extension so you can check its Properties
Trojans are usually found in .exe file while word files are .doc :smiley:


No sir virus can also be sent as part of a Word document . Check this in internet :wink:


Check it again because if its right then people wouldn’t even know about it in first place, I know this because i have been in a keylogger corp. before, If someone would really work on a good keylogger your anti-virus prolly won’t even see it going. yes its not only virus its called keylogger with a binder :slight_smile:


Yes so don’t say to me that doc document can’t be a torjan for computer :smiley:


a doc is not a trojan but a trojan can be a doc file or it only appears to be but if you look closely you’ll find out they are slim sized files with something strange with them so be careful, Did you report the buyer ? I always file a ticket whenever i see them.


Yes i report him ! They already closed his account :smile:


Thank you for sharing. Perhaps, your computer security should be a paid version?


I fell for that exact word document virus a few months ago - very stressful! I was super annoyed at myself for being dumb (and tired) enough to click on enable macros, as soon as I did, I realised that was a picture, not an actual warning and I had enabled the macro… It seemed to be a screen capture software of some sort. Malwarebytes got rid of it for me thankfully!


Oh and the buyer seemed very legit - unlike some more obvious scams, addressed me by name, referred to my gig offering etc, told me to check the details of what he needed in the script attached (which I do multiple times a day, so it didn’t occur to me as being strange) I just didn’t realise it wasn’t a normal script until I opened it.


Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward. Thank you for sharing! @sue_mcl


This is common nowadays and most antivirus detects that quickly :slight_smile: even free one.


As long as we are all vigilant and report the senders then we can rid Fiverr of this. Thanks for the heads up.


Same as what happened to me !


I reply to one buyer request and he gave me link to this kind of type of document. I got some virus on my imac now. It’s so bad that people do those kind of things to sellers. The owner should be band from Fiverr


Thanks for warning us!